Tracking and Tracing Agriproducts to Protect Public Health

Food safety is a growing concern among consumers and food producers alike. Traceability can provide customers with visibility across the entire seed-to-sale journey of products to gain their trust and confidence. It is a valuable tool for agribusinesses as it can help them track down the root cause of the problem in case of food recalls.

Agricultural Traceability A Step towards Smart Food Safety | FarmERP

Agricultural Traceability – A Step towards Smart Food Safety

FarmERP is dedicated to improving the brand credibility of agribusinesses by ensuring the sale of only good-quality agriproducts. We focus on creating value and building customer confidence for agribusinesses by enabling improved agri-supply chain transparency. We aim to help you gain the confidence of your customers by providing them with our robust traceability system.

Harmonised System for Traceability from Farm to Fork

FarmERP links unique identifiers, such as QR codes, with agriproducts to digitally trace their farm-to-fork journey. Our advanced farm management system enables agribusinesses to follow the best traceability practices at all critical points across the agricultural supply chain. In case of food recalls, FarmERP helps enterprises to detect the faulty batches quickly and recall them specifically before they hit the market.

  • Safety and quality compliance
  • Bolstered brand credibility
  • Simpler record-keeping
  • Faster response to product recalls
  • Supply chain transparency