Detect Crop Patterns and Predict Harvest Yields

The use of innovative algorithms, computer vision technology and predictive models can optimize agribusiness operations with data-based decisions. It can help in collecting, integrating, and analyzing farm data to bring more predictability into your business.

FarmERP can provide agribusinesses with weather-related insights and resource requirement predictions through the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning. We encourage the active participation of our clients in our processes to ensure maximum productivity.

With contamination observations, pest and disease predictions as well as nutrition recommendations, FarmERP can help in ensuring optimal health of your crops. Similarly, with climate-smart farming and yield prediction offerings, we are building a layer of intelligence that is helping our clients stay ahead of competition.

Enhance Crop Disease and Pest Infestation Monitoring

  • Predictive Analytics
  • Soil Analysis and Disease Detection
  • Livestock Management
  • Real-time Visibility into Agri Supply Chain

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