Managing Large to Medium-sized Plantations and Farms

Simplify agriculture management for your large to medium-sized plantations and farms with our globally tried-and-tested software platform. We help plantations and farm enterprises of all crops to successfully manage their inputs, labour, and machinery to ensure seamless agribusiness functioning. Our comprehensive ERP platform can improve your farm management efforts with smart tech-integration, digital supply chain traceability, and efficient agritech solutions. FarmERP’s advanced farm management system can also encourage and enhance the cultivation and management of greenhouse and nursery crops.

Digitize Plantation and Farm Management to Boost Profitability

Having complete control over all the planning, production, and post-production operations for your plantations can be a herculean task. Errors in managing multiple crops or in ensuring resource optimization as well as not following the right post-harvest procedures can lead to huge losses.

With our plantation management platform, you can practice sustainable and climate-smart production operations for a wide variety of crops. Inventory management for multiple stores is made easier which leads to considerable savings. Sync your production cycles with your sales planning and address all your enterprise-level issues related to farm management with FarmERP.

Keep track of man, machine, and materials to make intelligent agribusiness decisions with FarmERP. This can also help you in cutting your labour management expenses down to a minimum. Thus, by providing you with an eagle-eye view of your operations, we help you drive maximum profits by strengthening your financial control over your farms.

Plan and Control Plantations With Next-gen ERP Platform

  • Planning of End-to-end Farm Operations
  • Supports Multiple Crops, Locations and Users
  • Farm machinery and human resources management
  • Plot-wise Profit and Loss Statement
  • Climate-smart Agricultural Practices
  • Crop-wise Financial Reports
  • Safe and Secure Food Production
  • Labour and Input Optimization
  • Tree Encoding and Asset Valuation
  • Organizational hierarchy mapping
  • AI-integrated Tools
  • Analytics and Dashboards
  • Geo-mapping and Crop Scouting solutions
  • Integration with Legacy Software Systems and Smart Hardware Devices
  • Operator/tapper performance
  • Accessed over the Web, Mobile, and Tablet
  • AI-backed Labour Attendance and Tracking System


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Machinery maintenance | FarmERP

Machinery maintenance

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Human Resources

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Post production

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Integration Capabilities

FarmERP can be seamlessly integrated with Legacy Software Systems and Smart IoT Devices.

Legacy Software Systems such as

Smart IoT Devices such as

  • Field Sensors
  • Cameras
  • Biometric Devices
  • Automated Weather Stations
  • Field Sensors
  • Cameras
  • Biometric Devices
  • Automated Weather Stations
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Machinery Tracking Devices
  • Drones
  • Weighing Scales
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Machinery Tracking Devices
  • Drones
  • Weighing Scales

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FarmERP is the very super-brain you need to improve your agribusiness in terms of productivity as well as profitability. We offer best-in-industry farm management support for agribusinesses ranging from farms & plantations contract farmers, exporters & packhouses, to governing bodies and financial institutions.