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At FarmERP we aim at the technology-intensive transformation of agriculture and agribusiness. With a strong R&D and professional Agri-ICT expertise of 20+ years gained from hundreds of successful implementations and a strong focus on future, we have achieved to become a key player in this space through our smart and innovative technology offerings - FarmERP and FarmGYAN.

FarmERP software platform is most advanced, successful and best farm management software platform being widely used globally for farm, farmer, procurement, processing, supply chain and financial data management and analysis. It has helped many leading companies in achieving objective of profitable and sustainable agribusiness. This smart agriculture management software platform is highly scalable and is future ready. View More


FarmERP is advanced and most preferred Enterprise Software Platform being used globally for farm, farmer, procurement, processing, supply chain, biotech and financial data management and analysis. FarmERP can be customized as per business requirements and can be easily integrated with smart devices as well as legacy ERP and Financial systems.

FarmERP Lite

Be a smart farmer. Easy to use, cost effective software app for small farms, farmer groups and agriculture consultants. Save time. Save money. Optimize resources.


FarmGYAN comprise of science based intelligent advisory solutions and services to farm operators. These technology driven customized solutions are based on FarmERP Smart Agriculture based framework, Big Data and Predictive analysis.

FarmERP SmartVillage

Our innovative smart agriculture software platform for entire village community and all agricultural stakeholders. Co-operate, Communicate, and Go global.


FarmERP serves corporate and individual Farm operators, Agribusiness and Contract farming companies, Exporters, R&D institutions, Plant tissue culture labs, Co-operatives, Farmer Producer Companies, Government agencies, NGO, CSR Foundations to exploit the power of Smart agriculture to achieve higher efficiency, higher yields, higher profitability and complete traceability.

ERP for agriculture industry

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ERP for agriculture industry
Best agriculture software
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Best agriculture software
agriculture software solutions
Best agriculture software
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FarmERP Industry
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FarmERP Industry
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ERP for agriculture industry
Clients Speak
Crop  management software
"Managing a huge farmland of 40000 acres with diverse crops like rubber, paddy and sugarcane crops is not an easy task. Many standard ERPs which we evaluated were very rigid to fit to our agribusiness processes. FarmERP with its multi-crop, multi-location features provided to be the best fit for our complex operations. Our on-farm users were professionally trained by FarmERP team with their unique and user-friendly training program. A powerful software platform coupled with unmatched implementation strategy helped us Go Live in record time. We look forward to a continued association with FarmERP."
A Plantation Company
Bangkok, Thailand.
agriculture management software
"Working with FarmERP is definitely a best ever experience. Their innovative solution and project management expertise has helped us deploy our project in record time. FarmERP team has an absolute "can do" attitude which led us achieve our objective of bringing entire ' Farm to Fork ' business operations on a single digital platform. We are particularly impressed with the post implementation technical support provided by them in peak fruit season"
Head - Agribusiness
Mahindra Agri Solutions Ltd.
Mumbai, india.
Best Farm Management Software
"FarmERP team has impressive business requirement mapping skills. During our relationship, they displayed highest levels of technical and implementation expertise. FarmERP delivered a top notch product that has gone well beyond our expectations. And that's why they have the reason to be proud of their world class "FarmERP" product and team. Their professional expertise for IOT and Data analytics has helped us to take our project to next level."
Head - Information Technology
Azersun Holdings
Baku, Azerbaijan
agriculture management software
"We are extremely happy and satisfied to have found FarmERP to manage our largest fruit farming operations in Turkey. FarmERP technically proved to be very robust software platform which complements our vision to lead this industry. They have displayed great level of domain expertise, flexibility, agility and scalability. Their team is proactive, open and is highly specialized in their approach towards integrating FarmERP with our legacy financial software system. I can say it was a perfect decision to select FarmERP as a technology partner."
Largest Fruit Farming and Processing Company
Istanbul, Turkey
Agribusiness software solutions
"Our business requires us to be agile as we are new age, high tech Plant Tissue Culture Company. Our challenge is timely supply of high quality disease free plants to our customers. Our relationship with FarmERP has helped us rise to this challenge. As FarmERP functional experts had in-depth knowledge of tissue culture business processes, they were successful in deploying best industry practices through FarmERP software platform. FarmERP support team has proactively solved issues impacting our daily operations and handled the continuous releases without much downtime."
Chief Production Incharge
Plant Tissue Culture laboratory
Durban, South Africa.
contract farming software
"We are excited to partner with FarmERP to streamline our nursery and agroforestry operations for 32000+ farmers and 41000+ hectares of land. FarmERP as a scalable software platform on cloud enabled us to achieve timely and quality supply of plants to farmers. Data analytics and reporting modules provided key management users with ready to use data insights. There has been excellent technical support provided by FarmERP team. We are impressed by their commitment, responsiveness and tenacity."
Production Chief
Largest Agroforestry Plant Producer Company
New Delhi, India.
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An agricultural economy offering sustainability and an impartial reward framework for the cultivators requires responsibly driven contract farming and outgrower management...

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Partnership Program
farm ERP software
FarmERP Sales Partner

As a Sales partner you may sell & deploy FarmERP products and solutions for your customers and render technical support services to them. This program gives you access to our business knowhow,tools,training and technical resources.

agriculture management software
FarmERP Strategic Alliance Partner

FarmERP has innovative smart offerings for individual farmers to help improve their productivity and profitability. Our vision is to bring in positive transformations in their lives.

FarmERP for research & development industry
FarmERP R &D Partner

FarmERP offerings are an outcome of rigorous Research and Development efforts put in by highly skilled IT and Agriculture specialists. We at FarmERP firmly believe that quality can only be enhanced through strong R&D.

smart FarmERP Software
FarmERP Technology partner

FarmERP is a smart ERP platform with high level of integration capabilities. These are the days where Users demand single comprehensive solution.

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