FarmERP for Research & Development

Agricultural Research and Development establishments worldwide, contribute substantially in overall development of Agriculture sector.Agricultural scientists research extensively to provide genetically modified crops, higher yielding cultivars, disease and pest resistant varieties, find techniques to minimize water requirement, optimize nutrition requirement whereas engineers design and manufacture farm implements and equipment to make farming easier, faster and more profitable.

Advanced Software

Research & Development activities require keeping trial records in minute details. Also need high level of parameter data analysis including statistical modeling. Here FarmERP helps establish complete control over these important parameters. FarmERP platform has been used successfully for agricultural R&D programs.

We take up joint R & D programs where agricultural scientists and our IT experts work together to design and develop various IT applications based on FarmERP smart platform. Our team has strong experience in working on Crop simulation modelling, Decision Support Systems, Geographical Information Systems and remote sensing in association with renowned Agricultural R & D establishments.

Machine learning, Predictive analysis, Big Data, Climate resilient agriculture, Crop simulation modelling, integration with Precision farming tools are some of the advanced technologies which FarmERP and FarmGyan platforms offer to R & D institutions across the globe.

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Highlights of FarmERP for Agriculture Research & Development

  • Joint Agri-IT research programs
  • Joint Intellectual Property generation
  • Joint extension programs ( Lab to land initiatives )
  • Research trials management
  • IT applications design, development and evaluation
  • Big Data, Machine learning and Predictive analysis
  • Precision farming consulting

Please contact us to know how FarmERP software platform can play a vital role in enhancing your Research objectives,.

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