India’s Biggest Popcorn Procurement Company Successfully Manages 10,000 Contract Farmers With FarmERP


Our client is India’s leading popcorn procurement company. It manufactures and delivers the highest quality of corn seeds, bulk popcorn, microwave popcorn, and many more products across the country. They have a total cultivation area of over 20,525 acres spread across 6 sites in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh.

Constant up-gradation and enhancement are amongst the core beliefs of this organisation. For this reason, they wanted to improve and build a more robust, efficient supply chain. FarmERP joined them as their agritech partner to provide customised agritech solutions and help the company in achieving its desired objectives.


  • The biggest problem faced by the client was farmer administration. Managing the registration as well as all the administrative activities of about 10,000 contract farmers was becoming challenging for the popcorn manufacturer.
  • Keeping a record of goods issued to every farmer and tracking crop procurements was quite difficult without an efficient software solution.
  • With no precision in tracking an individual farmer’s activities, there were discrepancies in payments.
  • The inability to track farmer vehicles was also a setback that was affecting the precise calculation and disbursement of payments.
  • Managing the activities of thousands of farmers and keeping operations across multiple sites in sync was a huge hurdle.


FarmERP initially assessed the existing process workflow of the popcorn procurement company to clearly understand the bottlenecks that were hindering its progress. FarmERP then brought all aspects of farm and business management on a single platform to facilitate more control over the entire process. With the use of various modules such as contract farming, accounts, purchase, post-production, analytics, maps, etc, FarmERP managed to mitigate the critical issues faced by the client.

  • The contract farming module transformed the existing farmer registration, procurement, recording, etc processes and made farmer administration extremely efficient.
  • FarmERP’s cutting-edge software solution was utilised for crop procurement tracking as well as for the record-keeping of goods issued to individual farmers across all the sites.
  • QR-codes were assigned to every farmer to keep a track of their location and activities. Farmlands and agricultural fields of farmers were also geo-tagged for more accurate tracking of crop produce.
  • With FarmERP’s next-gen agritech offerings, the client was also able to track vehicles of farmers carrying the harvested agriproducts from their farmer’s plot.
  • FarmERP enabled the popcorn procurement company to monitor and accurately identify the total number of farmers on a specific site at any point in time.
  • The biggest change witnessed by the client was that it was able to monitor and manage activities across all of its sites seamlessly through a single digital platform.


With FarmERP onboard as its agritech partner, the popcorn procurement company boosted its operational efficiency significantly and digitally transformed its farmer administration process. Consequently, the client started reaping excellent benefits and gained more control over its contract farming operations. The improved tracking and data capturing capabilities also helped the client to make well-informed decisions that complemented the long-term goals of the company.

  • With FarmERP’s contract farming module, looking after the activities and tracking goods issued to over 10,000 farmers became easier and stress-free for the client. 
  • The enhanced record-keeping abilities empowered the client to bring onboard more farmers and expand its cultivated land from over 16,000 acres to more than 20,000 acres.
  • FarmERP’s accounts module made record-keeping of goods issued as well as procurement tracking extremely accurate and error-free.
  • Individual farmer tracking was not only beneficial to the client in precisely calculating payments but also helped in determining the location-wise availability of farmers. 
  • Details such as the total number of farmers on a specific site helped the client in making appropriate decisions to consistently yield optimal returns.
  • Managing activities of thousands of farmers and operations across multiple sites on a single platform enabled the client to supervise the activities of all farmers thoroughly, thereby being more in control of the entire process.
  • With the excellent features of the FarmERP platform, field supervisors were able to take better care of plots. They were also able to properly guide farmers in mitigating the challenges surrounding the management of pests and diseases.

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