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FarmERP Fortifies Plantation
Management for India’s Second
Largest Phosphatic Fertilizer Player

India’s leading fertilizer manufacturer, headquartered in Southern India, was struggling to plan and manage the operations of its vast-sized Neem plantation. FarmERP customised its planning module and assisted the client to amplify its agricultural planning and management potential. Consequently, the client witnessed increased efficiency in the day-to-day operations, which further helped the company to make significant cost-reductions.


Agriculture is fast moving towards the adoption of advanced technologies in order to ramp up the plantation management systems. The use of IoT-based tools, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and many other disruptive technologies have been instrumental in handling large-scale plantations. With bigger-sized plantations, planning and managing the huge number of trees, large quantities of farm inventories, and higher investments could be a massive challenge.

One of India’s leading agribusiness corporations wanted to streamline the agricultural functions of its Neem plantation, spread over an area of around 600 acres. Planning and managing agricultural activities of around 2 lakh trees required excellent managerial and technical expertise. Hence, the client chose FarmERP as its agritech partner to ensure the optimal functioning of its large-scale plantation.

FarmERP worked with the client as its tech-pillar and helped in digitally transforming plantation planning and management. With FarmERP’s support, the client managed to gain complete control over the end-to-end operations of their Neem plantation business.


  • With the plantation spread over 600 acres, agricultural planning and management was extremely challenging.
  • Lesser visibility into the actual on-field plantation functioning increased the possibility of fraudulent agribusiness activities.
  • The client handled their record-keeping functions manually using excel sheets. This was extremely time-consuming, inefficient, and even resulted in data loss at times.
  • With the widely spread plantation, monitoring and managing labour as well as field supervisors, in real-time was difficult.
  • Bigger the size of plantations, lesser is its resilience to climate change events. This meant severe agricultural productivity challenges for the large-scale Neem plantation.


FarmERP initiated the project by identifying and analysing the unique needs of the client. Further, FarmERP geotagged every tree and plot of the plantation to better understand the actual on-field parameters. FarmERP tailored its offerings to meet all the specific requirements of the client without any hassles.

  • FarmERP customised its planning module to perfectly suit the specific requirements of the client.
  • FarmERP developed a system that enabled the client to select and plan agricultural processes for multiple plots at a time.
  • FarmERP geotagged all the trees and plots to help the client digitally monitor the entire plantation and take timely corrective actions.
  • With FarmERP’s expertise in agritech solutions, we helped the client to remotely allocate tasks to field executives. It also enabled the client to track and optimize these activities to ensure maximum efficiency.
  • FarmERP created a planned vs actual dashboard for the client in order to compare actual outcomes with planned tasks.
  • FarmERP provided smart solutions to help the client track and control water utilisation across every plot in real-time.
  • FarmERP also offered the client improved visibility into their plantation environments with mobile solutions.


With FarmERP’s plantation management expertise by its side, the client could successfully optimize its plantation management efforts. FarmERP helped the client to incorporate advanced tools and implement effective strategies in order to derive actionable insights through data-driven technologies. By customizing our planning module, we also assisted the client in improving its labour and machinery efficiency.

  • The client could easily track the health status of each tree with tree-wise record management. Geo-tagging of every tree and plot provided the client with visibility of the plantation environment over the maps. This encouraged them to make timely decisions.
  • With real-time tracking, the client could capture water usage for each and every plot. This helped them to carry out their irrigation practices sustainably by saving water.
  • FarmERP’s tailored planning module assisted the client in accurately planning agricultural operations for each and every plot. It also helped in the planning of multiple plots at a time.
  • By promoting labour and machinery optimization, FarmERP ensured significant cost-savings for the client. As a result, the client managed to reduce store expenses by 5-10%.
  • FarmERP’s mobile solutions helped the client to remotely monitor their on-field activities. It enabled them to aptly control plantation processes like irrigation, planting, fertigation, harvesting, etc.
  • The client could maintain mother plant details including its history and location using FarmERP’s farm management platform.
  • With FarmERP’s support, the client managed to carry out the lab analysis of Neem fruits while maintaining complete data across this process.
  • The planned vs actual dashboards helped in detecting anomalies in the actual outcomes from the planned tasks. This further assisted them to refine their business functions for maximum productivity.
  • The client managed to successfully shift from manual reporting to automated report generation. FarmERP enabled reporting through SMS and also provided analytics dashboards for better decision-making. This helped them save a lot of their time and efforts, and brought the possibilities of data losses down to a minimum.
  • With excellent technical support, the agro enterprise could easily monitor the location of field supervisors and keep a track of their day-to-day tasks.

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