FarmERP Builds an AI-driven Attendance System Using Face Recognition Technology for a Vegetable Growing Company


A vegetable growing company produces vegetables and fruits of the highest quality standards using tech-driven advanced farming methods. Having farms across multiple locations, this agribusiness has to manage a large number of labourers on a daily basis. FarmERP partnered with and helped the agribusiness ensure the efficient and accurate attendance of labourers on all farm sites.


  • Monitoring the attendance of over 4000 farm labourers across 25 locations was challenging for the vegetable growing company.
  • Without a proper automated system in place, manual errors in attendance were very common.
  • Manual attendance also led to manipulations in the attendance recordings of labourers.
  • As a result of the errors and manipulations, wages of the labourers were not being calculated accurately.


FarmERP team visited all the farm locations to dive deeper and get a better understanding of the problems that the vegetable growing company was facing. Based on all the assessments, FarmERP came up with an efficient and accurate face recognition-based labour attendance system and helped the vegetable growing company in the following ways:

  • Built an AI-based face recognition model for labour attendance which can be accessed through the FarmERP mobile app using a smartphone.
  • Ensured automatic attendance of more than 1000 labourers on a daily basis.
  • Enabled supervisors at respective sites to mark the check-in and check-out of every labourer using the FarmERP mobile application.
  • Attendance reports are generated every day at all the farm locations.
  • Accurate wage calculation of every labourer based on his / her attendance report.


With the state-of-the-art AI-based attendance system that uses face recognition technology, the vegetable growing company witnessed tremendous improvement in its attendance monitoring. As a result of this excellent solution, the enterprise started managing the attendance of its thousands of labourers more efficiently.

  • It became possible for the vegetable growing company to automatically carry out the labour attendance of 1000+ workers everyday across various sites.
  • With automated attendance, the possibility of errors and manipulation has reduced drastically and made the overall process more transparent.
  • Agribusiness got command over end-to-end labour management with the help of real-time and system-generated data.
  • FarmERP made labour wage calculations more accurate with the help of a face recognition-based attendance system that reduced manual interference and eliminated manipulations in the attendance process.

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