Biotechnology / Plant tissue culture

Plant biotechnology or Plant tissue culture is a collection of techniques used to multiply and grow plants at large scale in laboratory. This is used to quickly produce multiples of mature plants in absence of seeds. In current times Plant tissue industry is producing plants for Banana, Sugarcane, Pomegranate, Date palm, Oil palm, Eucalyptus, Gerbera and other crops, on large scale. Accurate production planning to match market demand, Traceability, Inoculation operator performance, Media performance, Culture and plant mortality, Contamination control, Hardening operations are some of the critical parameters for success of business operations.

Advanced Software

FarmERP helps establish complete control over these important parameters. It has been deployed successfully for medium to large sized Plant tissue culture companies. FarmERP is most comprehensive and advanced ERP software platform which simplifies management of Mother plants, Media preparation, Plant inoculation, Plant growth, Contamination control, Quality control, Polyhouse , Nursery hardening operations, Sales, Customer feedback and Finance which in turn helps the business in regulating market demand and supply of products and drive higher profit margins. FarmERP platform helps in weekwise forward planning and keeps control over mortality and contamination levels. It also improves overall efficiency and speed of operations. Farm analytics ( BI ) dashboards offer smarter data insights which enables management users to take right decisions at right time. FarmERP software platform can be customized or integrated with legacy financial software or smart hardware devices.

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Highlights of FarmERP for Biotech

  • Supports multiple crops, locations and users
  • Covers entire cycle 'Mother plant to Sale'
  • Achieves end to end Traceability
  • Forward production planning
  • Improves Plant Inoculation performance
  • Improves media performance
  • Control over mortality and contamination
  • Efficient inventory management
  • Integration with legacy software systems and smart hardware devices
  • Analytics for data driven decisions
  • Organizational hierarchy mapping

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