FarmERP Develops a Cross-platform E-commerce Portal for India’s Leading Life Sciences Company

FarmERP, after offering its business management platforms, helped an existing client to develop its own, customized e-commerce platform. FarmERP acted as a strong tech pillar for a leading life science company to establish a digital business presence to compete in larger markets.





Agriculture industry in India has seen a sea change in the past decade, which is mainly attributed to the research & development (R&D) activities being carried out to support the rise of organic and agrochemical products.

A leading life sciences company in India has been working to build a solid foundation for the commercialization of innovative, herbal products and nanotechnology-based agricultural supplies. Through its phenomenal R&D capabilities, the company has invented, developed, and commercialized agricultural products that are completely sustainable, herbal and environment-friendly.

FarmERP worked with the company as its technology pillar, assisting in technologically transforming various business operations across various verticals of the organization.


  • The agriculture industry is characterized by high inventory costs, which most often reflects in market degradation and price cutting. The client wanted to have a better inventory management system in place in order to plan and maintain a healthy revenue cycle.
  • Industry’s high dependence on international markets triggered the client to resort to next-generation technology tools to expand its existence on the digital platform.
  • The client also wanted to reach out and capture a larger customer base that would go beyond geographical boundaries and tap new market opportunities through digital expansion of the business.


FarmERP studied all the company’s existing business operations and business management strategies, and proposed to resort to an e-commerce platform to target a larger consumer base. FarmERP developed a multi-platform e-commerce portal for the client to highlight its focus on expanding not only customers but also potential sellers and other stakeholders in the agricultural supply chains through AgTech.

FarmERP developed the e-commerce platform that can enable the company to leverage innovative and multiple customer touch points, and ultimately offer rapid and seamless delivery service offerings. E-commerce is a digital medium for agribusinesses that can equip them to compete with the international entities, and FarmERP - as a technology pillar - helped to company to capitalize on its through FarmERP’s complete assistance in digitalization of its sales channels and overall business management system.


FarmERP’s e-commerce platform enabled the client to grow its digital presence and go a step ahead in competing in bigger markets. Apart from this,

  • We connected the new e-commerce platform with FarmERP’s farm management system, and linked various business modules such as sales, inventory, procurement, and account management.
  • This helped the client to keep track of the inventory turnover, and keep track of sales and procurement through a specific stock keeping system, ultimately reflecting in significant savings and a major slump in inventory costs.
  • Customized e-commerce portal helped the client to exhibit its best products strategically, in turn navigating the user experience in the most personalized way.
  • The e-commerce platform also enabled the client to tap into more attractive markets and reach a much larger customer base spanning across the country.
  • In today’s intense competitive landscape, which is attributed to the entry of e-Commerce behemoths such as Amazon and Alibaba, the client could gain an additional edge by introducing its wide range of agricultural products.

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