6 Ways FarmERP Streamlines Labour Management Procedures for Your Agribusiness

Labour management is a critical component that has a huge influence on the operational efficiency and productivity of agribusinesses. Without an effective labour management system in place, maintaining the information as well as tracking the performance of farm workers can be extremely difficult. To drive optimum outcomes for your agribusiness, it is thus important to have complete visibility into and control over the activities of your labourers.

FarmERP’s state-of-the-art farm management platform can be the best tool to successfully manage both, the administrative and operational aspects pertaining to the labourers working for your agribusiness. With this labour management system – storing labour details, monitoring worker activities, ensuring accurate payments, evaluating labour performances – everything becomes remarkably easy.

Following are 6 ways how FarmERP enhances labour management functions and ramps up the productivity of your agribusiness.

Digital Repository of Farm Labour Details

When it comes to labour management, the first and foremost step that agribusinesses need to carry out is completing the registration process. However, relying on manual methods or excel spreadsheets can make this process very tedious. On the other hand, software platforms such as FarmERP can be beneficial in storing farm labour details more easily and accurately.

With the help of FarmERP’s software system, any information about a specific worker can be accessed with just a few clicks. Similarly, farm supervisors or managers can quickly surf through the online labour database and identify the workers that have worked on their farm previously and performed well. This can be extremely useful during the peak season when agribusinesses are on the lookout for additional labourers.

Real-time Location Tracking of Labourers

For seamless functioning of agricultural operations, farm managers need to have complete control over the activities of their labourers. By giving tracking devices to farm workers, FarmERP’s advanced software system facilitates real-time location tracking of labourers. This helps the agribusinesses in monitoring if all the workers are doing the tasks allocated to them.

With FarmERP’s advanced agriculture ERP in place, supervisors or managers are able to remotely monitor and collect details such as – the activity being performed by a specific labourer and the plot on which he/ she is working. Similarly, through heat maps, FarmERP enables farm managers to easily capture details about the number of labourers working on a particular plot at any given time.

Error-free Wage Calculations and Attendance Monitoring

One of the most important responsibilities of managers or supervisors of agribusinesses is to accurately calculate the wages of farm workers. Without a well-defined system in place, there are always possibilities of malpractices happening. Hence, if proper time-tracking of labourer’s work is not done, you can end up paying more to workers than they actually deserve.

FarmERP provides a QR-code scanning system to help agribusinesses streamline the attendance procedure of their workers. Through this system, the working hours of every farm worker can be precisely recorded on a daily basis. Consequently, weekly or daily wages can then be calculated and distributed to each labourer without any hassles.

Performance Assessments to Determine Productivity of Farm Personnel

Assessing the performance of labourers can be extremely useful for agribusinesses to optimise their farm activities. With such an analysis, detecting trends and patterns in the performance of farm workers becomes quite easier. By determining the efficiency of each worker, farm managers or supervisors can make smart task allocations to improve the pace and productivity of their operations.

FarmERP’s comes with excellent farm analytics capabilities and provides insightful dashboards to provide worker performance evaluations with respect to various parameters. These assessments can be carried out for all the farm processes including production, harvesting, post-production and packaging operations. This way, FarmERP’s future-ready ERP platform can come in handy when it comes to giving performance-based bonuses or incentives to the most efficient labourers.

Accurate Record-keeping of Advance Payments or Fund Support

Labourers, especially daily wage workers, may sometimes demand advance payments to make their ends meet. As their employer, agribusinesses have to support them during such a situation. However, after making the advance payment, tracking the work done by the labourer and keeping a record of the pending amount can be extremely tedious. That’s where FarmERP can make things a lot simpler.

In such cases of fund support given to the farm workers, you only need to enter details about the amount given to the specific labourer on the FarmERP system. After that, the system tracks the work hours of that particular worker on a daily basis. Further, the FarmERP system automatically adjusts the ‘amount to be received from the worker’ with his/her wages.

Payroll and Leave Management System for Permanent Workers

Along with temporary or contractual workers, agribusinesses also have a certain number of permanent labourers on their farms. As these workers are the employees of the company, it is necessary to provide them with paid, unpaid, sick, etc leaves. FarmERP can set up a payroll and leave management system to help you keep track of and manage the salaries and leaves of these fixed labourers.

FarmERP can be useful in analysing the work done by the farm workers and automatically determining who gets bonuses and incentives. It can also reduce the administrative burden of keeping a record of pending and incurred leaves for each and every worker. Based on predefined rates for various activities, FarmERP’s software system can automatically calculate the additional wages each labourer will receive along with the salary.

Are you on the lookout for a powerful software solution to improve your labour management processes? FarmERP is your best choice. This leading-edge software system is a feature-packed platform that automates a number of functions and helps you in getting the best outcomes for your agribusiness. Get in touch with us to know more about how FarmERP can help you in boosting your labour management potential.