Save water using FarmERP platform


Water is termed as the next ‘Fuel’ and unfortunately it is not a limitless resource. Every drop of water we consume each time has its value. As agriculture is vastly dependent on water its consumption needs to be optimized. It is possible to achieve this by practising FarmERP.

Can one control and save water using ERP software platform? And the answer is big ‘Yes’. It is nothing but science and statistical modelling. Our smart ERP platform offers intelligent advisory on irrigation management and crop water requirement. Our experts work on algorithms to optimize water requirement for farms.

Our Approach

  • Users can map their drip irrigation or pivot irrigation system details in FarmERP database.
  • Water resources and water analysis information is also registered.
  • FarmERP is also capable of integrating with automated irrigation system and weather system.
  • Water advisory provides crop water requirement on daily basis based on crop, cropping system, soil and weather.
  • Smart water algorithms calculates accurate water requirement of every plot based on current weather conditions and evapotranspiration rates.
  • Control panel automation can help flush required amount of water to respective plot.
  • No of jets, flow rate and other technical details can help estimate accurate outflow of water for every crop and plot.


  • One can get accurate and optimized crop water requirement which leads to substantial saving of water.
  • Users can make out variation between required water and consumed water.
  • Crop and water productivity is improved.
  • Water availability in reservoirs can be easily monitored.
  • Integration with automated irrigation system helps in managing complex irrigation cycles.
  • Technical details of irrigation systems and its maintenance records are kept for future use and analysis.