Make Farm Labour Management Super Efficient With FarmERP 

Labour management is one of the most important factors responsible for the progress of any agribusiness. Poor efficiency and productivity of farm labour can be the biggest obstacle affecting the profits of any agricultural enterprise. It is thus imperative to employ good labour management practices to ensure the success of your agribusiness activities. Accurate tracking of labour activities can not only improve worker efficiencies but also reduce expenses by making labour wage calculations more precise.

Wouldn’t it be amazing and convenient if there was a single software managing the functions of labour registration, wage calculation, payroll, leave management, etc for your agribusiness? FarmERP is one such cutting-edge labour management solution. With this excellent software, you can easily automate labour attendance, keep track of labour activities, and ensure accuracy in wage calculations. 

In this article, we shed light on the features, functionalities and various offerings of FarmERP’s digitally-powered labour management system. 

Streamlining Labour Tracking With Unique QR-codes

When it comes to huge farmlands or widely spread plantations, keeping track of the tasks being carried out by each and every worker can be difficult. Moreover, the time spent by a worker on a specific activity can also not be determined. With these inaccuracies, the chances of malpractices or improper wage calculations become very common. 

For that reason, FarmERP came up with the idea of assigning a unique QR-code to each and every farm labourer. Scanning this QR-code provides important details such as the time spent by labourers on the field, the number of crops being harvested by them, etc. This information can prove to be quite useful to the farm managers in allocating tasks and in making other important decisions.

Another benefit of this QR-code solution by FarmERP is that farm supervisors are able to track the exact location of a specific worker at any given time. This is particularly beneficial for supervisors looking to improve plantation management for farmlands spread over thousands of acres of farmland. The use of QR-codes also eliminates the repetitive task of record-keeping and can thus, save a lot of time for enterprises and agribusinesses.

Automating Labour Attendance to Save Time and Avoid Errors

Accurate and efficient reporting or attendance tracking of labour is vital to the seamless functioning and success of any agricultural enterprise. However, owing to the lack of awareness about automated systems, most enterprises still rely on manual methods, using excel spreadsheets to keep track of labour attendance. 

This is a critical setback in the labour management activities and can affect the overall productivity of agribusinesses. But the human resource module of FarmERP can set up a tailored and effective worker attendance system to significantly bolster the labour management efforts of agribusinesses. 

With automated time and attendance tracking, FarmERP can empower agricultural enterprises to devise new ways to improve worker efficiency while also reducing labour costs. FarmERP’s next-gen labour attendance system can also help agribusinesses in creating apt schedules, thus encouraging improved farm management and better organisational productivity.

Simplifying Wage Calculations by Ensuring Precise Performance Assessments

A common challenge faced by agribusinesses is the correct calculation of labour wages, especially in the case of large-sized farms or plantations. Giving performance-based incentives also becomes extremely difficult when tracking the worker efficiency in itself is a huge hurdle. Manual methods of tracking can also lead to variations between harvest quantity recorded at the fields to the harvest received at the packhouse, in which case, agribusiness ends up spending more on labour wages.

These errors or malpractices can be discarded completely with FarmERP’s farm management software. With a labour analytical dashboard, this system can help the agricultural enterprises in tracking the tasks and efficiency of each and every worker. Based on all this information, FarmERP’s labour management system can also determine the best and worst-performing workers. 

With a deep dive into the performance of every worker, agribusinesses can thus calculate labour wages more accurately and with minimal effort. The process of deciding who gets bonuses or incentives based on performance can also get much simpler and unbiased with our labour management system. Thus, FarmERP’s labour management system can optimise the wage calculation practice of agribusinesses and help them save a lot of their time and money.

Struggling to efficiently look after the labour management functions of your agribusiness? FarmERP can help! Our human resource module can provide you with a powerful software solution to look after all the aspects of your labour management. Get in touch with us to know more about how our ERP software can be beneficial in enhancing your labour management efforts.