Advantages of Agriculture Consulting Services for MENA-based Enterprises

Growing population, shrinking arable land, climate change, varying food consumption patterns, and a need to be more sustainable are all driving the agriculture sector in MENA to change at an increasingly rapid rate. Agriculture consulting in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) can be the key for agribusinesses to compete in such a challenging environment. With technology at the forefront of transforming agribusiness capabilities, cashing in on the most effective agritech solutions has become imperative for MENA-based enterprises. Agriculture consulting services in MENA can thus be instrumental in enabling agribusinesses to increase their yields while ensuring excellent operational efficiency and optimum crop quality.

Understanding the Need for Agriculture Consulting in MENA

Some of the major hurdles faced by agribusinesses in MENA include weather variability, loss of arable land, and food insecurity. Incorporating disruptive agricultural trends, implementing innovative technology solutions, utilising advanced analytics capabilities, etc can help MENA-based agribusinesses to overcome all such hurdles.  However, agribusinesses and food producers are rarely capable of looking after these aspects of farm management. Hence, getting the services of seasoned and expert agriculture consulting professionals is essential for agribusinesses in MENA to consistently yield crops of the highest quality standards.

Agriculture Consulting in MENA: Enhancing Your Farm Management Potential

Employing a Sustainable Approach for Resource Conservation

MENA is the most water-scarce region in the world. The average water availability per person in the rest of the world is about 7,000 cubic meters per year whereas it is merely 1,200 cubic meters per year in the MENA region. Moreover, with unfavourable climate conditions, the risk of pest infestations and diseases for MENA-based agribusinesses is also very high.

With access to the expertise of agriculture consultants, agribusinesses can accurately determine the water and fertilizer requirements for each crop. Agriculture consultants can study a wide range of data gathered through drones, sensors, weather stations, satellite imagery, etc to help you devise the perfect strategies for your crop cultivation practices. This can help MENA-based agribusinesses to optimise irrigation activities and ensure minimum yet apt utilisation of fertilizers and pesticides.

Promoting the Practice of Hydroponic Farming without any Hassles

The arid degraded lands of the MENA region prove to be quite difficult to be utilised for agricultural production activities. From the total land area of the MENA region, only 5% is arable land and can be used for cultivation. This has triggered the shift to indoor farming as more and more agribusinesses in MENA are preferring to produce crops hydroponically.

However, the controlled environment agriculture method of hydroponics farming requires much more precision and optimisation which only agri experts can provide. Agriculture consulting services in MENA can provide hydroponic growers with insights into seeding operations as well as growth stage activities. Agri-advisory solutions can assist hydroponic growers with every aspect – right from preparing accurate sales plans to reducing post-harvest losses.

Offering Apt Expertise to Enable Climate-smart Agriculture

The MENA region is much drier and warmer as compared to the rest of the world. Not just that, MENA countries face extreme resource limitations that are immensely vulnerable to climate variability. In such dire circumstances, agribusinesses need to find ways to reduce short-term climate risks such as droughts, floods, etc. On the other hand, they also need to find solutions to adapt to long-term issues such as shortened seasons and erratic weather conditions.

Climate-smart agriculture in MENA can be an effective way to tackle the concerns of climate change and produce high-quality agriproducts. Seasoned agriculture consultants can analyse weather data gathered through various devices over many years to identify patterns and help you make the best decisions for your agribusiness. Agriculture consulting in MENA can thus enable you to perform food production practices diligently without compromising on the quality of agriproducts.

How Can Agri Advisory Solutions Help Your Agribusiness?

Cost Savings

Getting agriculture consulting services can save a lot of money for your agribusiness. Hiring an agriculture consulting company is obviously an additional cost for your agribusiness. But with the expertise they bring, they can optimise a number of your agricultural activities and bring down expenses significantly.

Operational Excellence

Farm and agribusiness management is a complex process that involves multiple stages and requires operational excellence throughout. With agriculture consulting services, MENA-based agribusinesses can gain access to top-notch technological solutions and valuable farm management expertise.

Understand Market Dynamics

When pricing your agriproducts, it is important to be familiar with the market dynamics. Most food producers and agribusinesses in MENA, without proper understanding of the market, fail to price their agriproducts appropriately. Agriculture consulting in MENA can be an effective solution to this predicament. Insights provided by agriculture consultants can help you determine the perfect price for your crops and gain an edge over your competitors.

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