Tech-driven Farm Management in International Year of Fruits & Vegetables 2021

The United Nations (UN) has proclaimed 2021 as the International Year of Fruits and Vegetables (IYFV). This initiative focuses on urging producers across the world to incorporate sustainable agriculture practices and keep wastage down to a minimum. IYFV 2021 can also be a great chance to highlight the importance of digital technologies in improving nutrition and market opportunities. It also emphasizes the significance of fruits and vegetables as great options to generate more income for farmers.

Technology today is an inevitable part of agriculture. Investing in tech-based farm management systems is reaping maximum benefits for agribusinesses. From utilising resources more wisely to mitigating food losses, tech-interventions are making sustainable cultivation a lot simpler for global producers. Read on to know how tech-driven farm management can carve the roadmap to sustainability and success for farmers in 2021.

A Year to Re-examine Food Systems for a Sustainable Future

IYFV 2021 has been declared to raise awareness about the vital role of fruits and vegetables in improving global nutrition and food security. This can bring a more holistic approach to production and consumption that is beneficial to human as well as environmental health.

IYFV 2021 aims to educate people about reducing food wastage and promote the development of sustainable fruits and vegetables value chain. This initiative compels us to take a closer look at our food systems in order to ensure a healthier and more resilient world. It also seeks to transform and rebalance the way food is produced today in order to encourage nutritious and balanced diets.

Incorporate Modern Tech for Smart Farm Management

Technology is the mainstay of the modern agricultural landscape. Tech-intervention is emerging as a new workhorse that is developing an efficient system to monitor, regulate and control crop growth. It is playing a vital role in fuelling innovations to reduce the concerns of climate changes, water scarcity, soil degradation, etc.

Next-gen agritech platforms, with a data-driven approach, can ensure detailed and accurate planning and management of agricultural practices. They can extend the overall potential of farmers and automate a number of their daily tasks. Tech-driven agriculture can also help in mitigating the impact of incalculable parameters and bring in more predictability into production.

Boost the Nutritional Value and Quality of Fruits and Vegetables

With the ever-growing population, farmers are compelled to produce more and more food. Consequently, the arable acreage is reducing and with the looming food security threats, quality of food is getting deteriorated. This is leading to nutrient-deficiencies in crops that are ultimately being consumed by humans.

Farmers can integrate sensors, weather stations, drones, agribots, and many other devices into their farms with the help of an advanced farm management platform. This can assist them in making timely decisions and optimise production processes to yield high-quality crops. Farm analytics can also help in maximizing crop yields and quality by ensuring optimal usage of water and fertilizers.

FarmERP’s agritech expertise and farm management platform can be beneficial to producers across the world in ensuring food safety practices for nutrient-rich crop yields.

Reduce Food Loss and Wastage With Tech-driven Farm Management

Food loss and wastage is a pervasive problem all around the world. According to a report by, one-third of the food produced globally for human consumption is lost or wasted every year. Reducing this number is significantly important, especially in today’s world where millions go hungry every day.

Adoption of efficient technology frameworks can help in implementing the right food safety protocols during the post-production process. A smart farm management platform can enable farmers with tech-driven solutions to consistently deliver high-quality and safe agricultural produce. Traceability systems can also ensure that all finished agriproducts comply with necessary health and safety standards.

FarmERP’s smart agriculture management platform, with advanced packaging and traceability support, can help agribusinesses in considerably minimising food wastages.

Cultivate High-value Fruits & Vegetables With Agritech

Fruits and vegetables, being cash crops, can be great profit-generating options for farmers. Agritech solutions can help farmers in reaping maximum returns from these high-value crops. With technology providing tangible solutions, farmers can consistently cultivate superior fruits and vegetables.

The use of IoT devices like sensors, drones, agribots, etc as well as legacy software systems can help farmers in taking care of every aspect during the production process. This, in turn, can result in top-quality yields and elevate the profit margins of farmers considerably.

FarmERP – Uplifting the Socio-economic Status of Smallholders

Although agritech innovations have eased the many agricultural burdens, reaping the benefits of these technologies is still a huge hurdle for smallholder farmers.  Inadequate infrastructure facilities and lack of technical expertise are depriving small scale farmers of substantial agritech benefits. This is taking a toll on the quality of crop outcomes and resulting in reduced market opportunities and incomes for the farmers.

FarmERP acts as a technical pillar of the smallholder farmers and enhances their farm management efforts with excellent agritech solutions. By refining their production processes with smart farm management, smallholders can achieve better market opportunities and prices for their crops. With optimal tech-support, FarmERP can also help in enabling small farmers to access credit and financial services seamlessly.

FarmERP helps agribusinesses including FPOs, FPCs, contract farming companies, as well as plantation and farming businesses  across the globe in ensuring sustainable cultivation and attain high-quality crop yields with advanced farm management. Our agritech solutions are in line with all the policies and agendas of sustainable development goals. Get in touch with us to know more about how our disruptive innovations can bring about transformative changes in your agriculture management efforts.