Plantation Management 4.0 – Agritech Providing Fertile Ground for Smart Farming

Agritech in plantation management is becoming increasingly imperative. The rising food demand amid challenges of climate change, labour shortage, pest attacks, etc is compelling producers to employ tech-driven crop production methods.  The use of agritech in plantation management is charting new pathways to bring precision into production practices and maximise crop yields. Internet of Things (IoT) based farming is also paving the way for a sustainable and climate-resilient agriculture future.

Issues such as poor soil quality, water shortage, weather events, etc have crippled the plantation management efforts of agribusinesses worldwide. Agritech in plantations has the potential to change this scenario with the help of smart agricultural devices and technologies. The incorporation of a high-tech farm management platform can aid optimal tech-intervention to resolve a number of agricultural woes.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), data analytics, along with IoT devices such as agribots, agricultural drones, sensors, etc. can make your plantation management operations more effective. The following factors explain how agritech in plantations can drive efficient production practices and reap qualitative returns for your agribusiness.

Agricultural Drones for Early Detection and Elimination of Crop Threats

A majority of crop yields across the world are often damaged or lost due to pest infestations or plant diseases. Fending off the varying patterns of pest attacks and diseases requires agribusinesses to enhance the pest resilience of their fields. When it comes to plantation management, having a powerful pest control strategy is pertinent to fight the intensified risk of pests and diseases.

The use of agricultural drones can be helpful in analysing the quality of soil as well as for crop scouting. Equipped with remote sensing capabilities, these drones can patrol fields to detect any signs of stress or pest infestations. They can also carry out highly targeted spraying of pesticides to improve the health of affected crops.

By integrating high-tech drones, farm management platforms can help in maximising your yields with the minimal use of chemicals. With agritech in plantation management, you can utilise drones to apply chemicals and pesticides to crops in adequate quantities. This can assist in warding off pests and diseases at an early stage. It can also help in preventing the unnecessary application of fertilisers on crops that are not attacked by pests.

Accurate Project Planning and Scheduling With Artificial Intelligence

A major concern in controlling large-farm operations or plantation management is the inability to ensure data-driven farm planning. Managing all farm activities in a timely manner to ensure positive agricultural outcomes requires proper scheduling of all activities.

AI can assist producers to analyze a host of farm parameters in real-time such as weather conditions, temperature, water usage, or soil conditions. With the agritech support of a farm management platform, agribusinesses can develop smart weather forecasting models. This can help in predicting climate patterns months ahead and assist farmers in effectively scheduling their field activities to ensure climate-smart agriculture.

AI technologies can also guide farmers to allocate resources wisely and make smart crop choices to get bountiful yields. With precise planning and SOPs in place, farmers can have better control over their plantation practices. This can drive improved accuracy in operations and ensure high-quality harvests.

IoT-based Soil Moisture Monitoring Ensures Sustainable Production

Soil moisture monitoring is an important prerequisite of effective plantation management which ensures the practice of well-informed field decisions. However, checking the soil humidity status manually can be very complicated, time-consuming, and may even lead to inaccurate readings at times. Lack of real-time and accurate soil moisture information can also result in under or over-watering crops.

Advancements in sensor technology and IoT-driven agriculture have strengthened the soil moisture detection processes. By utilising real-time data of soil conditions, agritech in plantations can help in reducing production costs by employing efficient plantation management solutions. It can also help in determining adequate chemical requirements to maintain optimum soil quality and grow healthy crops.

Soil moisture monitoring can streamline the irrigation management processes of agribusinesses. Farm management platforms can gather and analyse important soil health parameters to schedule the irrigation activities for a producer. Thus, IoT-driven soil moisture monitoring can play a vital role in growing crops sustainably with the wise use of water and chemicals.

Agribots Bring Precision in Plantation Management Operations

Meeting the ever-growing food demand of the exploding world population is one of the major challenges our planet is facing today. Moreover, increasing incidents of labour shortage are disrupting the plantation management efforts of many agribusinesses globally. Enhancing farm productivity through sustainable practices and smart use of natural resources has thus become one of the primary objectives of producers.

Agricultural robots can play a vital role in optimising a number of field functions to make your plantation and farm management processes a lot more efficient. The use of agricultural robots or agribots could be helpful in digitalising every aspect of agriculture. Right from weed-removing and soil monitoring to harvesting and yield counting, agribots can look after a range of farming activities.

With agribot-based automation, agritech can simplify the collection of vast amounts of data across your large-scale plantations. This can further help you to make smart decisions and utilise resources, water, and chemicals more prudently. Through detailed monitoring and processing of every crop, agribots can also assist you in maintaining individual crop health for maximum productivity.

Farm Analytics – Capturing and Creating Value from Massive Datasets

Plantations produce hundreds of thousands of data points on a daily basis. However, the majority of agribusinesses and plantation owners fail to focus on collecting and analysing this information owing to its complexity and costs. Analysing and acting upon these massive datasets can enhance your plantation management practices.

The use of farm analytics can be beneficial in monitoring and assessing multiple parameters to create algorithms for smart farming practices. Analysing weather conditions, temperature, water usage, or soil conditions can help in making informed decisions to uplift your plantation management efforts.

Agritech in plantations can help producers to predict weather patterns, fertiliser demand, crop yields with extreme accuracy. By offering detailed insights into the field environment, analytics can allow plantation owners to schedule all their plantation activities wisely. This can optimise their plantation management practices and help them boost their yields in a sustainable manner.

Agritech in plantations is bound to transform the way agriculture management practices will be carried out in the future. With growing innovations and smart solutions, agritech has emerged as a strong pillar of technical support for plantation owners. Know how FarmERP’s advanced farm management platform can ensure the optimum growth of your crops with intelligent tech-integration. Get in touch with us to know more.