The Plantation Management 4.0 event was organised on 24-25th February 2021 to identify the role of technology in optimising plantation management. The event was organised by Trueventus and FarmERP was an associate sponsor. Mr. Sanjay Borkar (CEO & Co-founder, FarmERP) had a seminar session emphasizing the importance of a single sign-on experience platform for plantation management.

By 2026, plantation businesses are expected to invest around US$ 1.48 billion in smart plantation management systems. Mr. Borkar identified hardware and software integration as an extremely viable remedy to the concerns of climate change, technical inexpertise, and machinery costs.

The event shed light on how digital farming can streamline every aspect of plantation management, right from planning and scheduling to post-harvest processing. This has encouraged prominent rubber, tea, and palm plantation companies that attended the event, to adopt and adhere to smart plantation management systems.