Managing and Magnifying the Export Potential of Agriculture with FarmERP

As advancements in agricultural technology and improved production techniques are becoming more and more prevalent across the world, export businesses vis-a-vis agriproducts have flourished significantly in the past few years. Agricultural technology tools, including farm management systems, have enabled agribusinesses to market their product around the globe, now more than ever.

Although digitalisation has removed various barriers and simplified the process of ordering products from any part of the world, exporting these products is still an extremely arduous task. Not only do you have to be well-informed about the legal norms of the country you’re shipping to and your country but also have to be accurate with your documentation in order to avoid any discrepancies.

FarmERP’s agriculture management platform can assist agribusinesses in meeting all safety standards and quality regulations by helping them to get GAP-certified and maintain MRL. Our expertise in exports can ensure that there are no errors in your export documents and you enjoy tax incentives without worrying about customs clearance issues. By providing third party login to access specific services, we can help in optimizing your processes and boosting your operations. FarmERP’s farm management system helps agribusinesses in overcoming the following challenges and simplifying the process of exporting agriproducts.

Make Smart Sales Orders; Ensure all Necessary Details are Mentioned

Exchange rates play a key role in impacting agricultural commodity prices and influencing farmers’ margins. Fluctuating and unstable exchange rates can make the agricultural market volatile, can affect the value of the profits and thereby, cause the export sales to fall. Tax inputs along with currency and exchange rates need to be considered while creating sales orders, in order to avoid further complications in business.

FarmERP intelligently generates sales orders based on the country and products of exports, taking into account all the specific details such as currency, exchange rates, tax inputs, as well as other deductions such as commission. With its digital agriculture management platform, it makes sure you do not miss out on any important details in your sales orders.

Manage Delivery & Dispatch; Amplify the Speed of Operations

From meeting safety requirements, including Maximum Residue Limits (MRL), to the customs clearance of goods by CHA, there are numerous hurdles in the dispatch of agricultural products. Labour shortages and a dearth of containers can pose a serious threat to the exports of farm products, especially in today’s uncertain times. Any slight discrepancies in ensuring safety and regulatory compliance can increase the overall dispatch time and add to the storage & maintenance costs.

FarmERP’s farm management platform provides third party login to CHA and laboratories in order to evaluate specific services. This ultimately improves the levels of business efficiency and thus, it significantly boosts the speed up their operations.

Leave No Stone Unturned to Ensure Quality Assurance

Fulfilling all the quality needs and getting GAP-certified are the major necessities for farmers today in order to export their products. GAP assesses not only the farming practices but also the soil and water quality. It requires farmers to have good monitoring systems in order to prevent wildlife and compels farmers to not only ensure the safety of their farm but to also maintain the quality of soil in the areas adjoining the farm. These requirements, although necessary, can become challenging for farmers and without proper assistance, can affect their certification.

Being MRL compliant and getting GAP-certified can be an arduous task. FarmERP can guide you during the waiting period between manure application and crop harvest to keep your practices within the specified guidelines necessary for the GAP certification. Our experts can identify and help you to perform potentially risky practices and carry out MRL tests to ensure the safety and quality of products throughout the on-farm production as well as post-production processes.

Simplify Export Documentation with Automated Solutions

Export documentation is a highly significant yet exhaustive process as small errors or incorrect documents can slow down shipments and could also lead to the denial of export privileges. Proper documentation of commercial invoice and certificate of origin documents can help agribusinesses in preventing delays and in taking advantage of various tax incentives. Common documents or agreements also need additions in some cases in order to comply with the laws of the country that you are exporting to.

FarmERP’s agriculture ERP system can help agribusinesses in optimizing and automating their workflows in order to make their document management processes more efficient and accurate. Automated solutions can help agribusinesses in ensuring that they are in compliance with all the necessary standards and regulations, thereby mitigating the risks of customs penalties and fines. Our expertise in this field can help you to keep up with the constantly changing regulations and trade procedures and thus, simplify all your documentation processes.

Smartly Control Packaging Standards to Ensure Regulatory Compliance and Safety

While meeting safety and security measures is mandatory when it comes to packaging, a proper design that is convenient for handling and distribution, and which satisfies consumers is also necessary. Improper packaging can affect the quality of the product, thereby reducing the product’s shelf life or even leading to product recalls. To avoid this, packaging must be able to protect the product from any kind of mechanical or environmental damages to ensure total consumer satisfaction.

Maintaining the right temperature and humidity, an optimum environment inside the package, and keeping out the heat are some of the important factors when it comes to packaging products. FarmERP helps exporters maintain global packaging standards, ultimately optimizing business efficiency to a higher level.