How FarmERP is digitally transforming Agribusinesses?

Agriculture remains the most important sector of global economy. In order to improve its produce and farming efficiency, technology is blending into agricultural practices with great effect. One such practical application is the use of agricultural ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning Software). Due to the increase in population, the land for farming is reducing. But the fact remains that this very growing population needs more food volumes. In order to solve this crisis of shrinking land and increasing demand, agricultural ERP helps farms and other agribusinesses to find solutions that are effective and productive as well.

Digital transformation of agricultural industry is a key to higher productivity. Improving productivity in view of climate change and other growing challenges require farms to go beyond Excel sheets and small inventory and accounting software programs. Modern age farming demands more just in time advice and faster decision making. In such cases, use of primitive record keeping standalone software, limits the decision making ability of the user. Here a comprehensive ERP software platform like FarmERP integrates data from all departments of your farming business and provides actionable data insights to organize your complex business processes.

Easy to track and trace

This Farm Management software ERP platform makes it easy for farmers to track the inputs they use, that are being used for crop production. Managing accurate input quantities being used in farms as per plan is made easy. Tracking inventory movements and keeping control over inventory levels across various sites and stores reduce reporting time and errors. Post-harvest processes, delivery and sales are tracked and entire farm to fork traceability is achieved over this platform. Optimizing labour and machinery hours lead to saving of time. Entire production process can be planned in advance and execution can be recorded as it happens. Purchase process gets streamlined as purchase indents from all sites are queued.

Anytime Anywhere Accessibility

Centralized availability of your farm data through secured credentials on this Agriculture software platform reduces efforts of data retrieval. CXOs, Plantation head, Farm manager, Farm supervisor, Store Manager and Store keeper, Pack house in charge, Accountants, Sales and Purchase team and other stakeholders get access to data to take timely decisions.

Alerts and notifications

For higher on farm efficiency it is very essential for users get notified with alerts and notifications regarding on farm tasks or item expiries or weather advisory etc. FarmERP platform seamlessly manages these Email, SMS and mobile alerts to improve people productivity.

Farm accounting practices

FarmERP has complete accounting module and lead to adoption of best farm accounting practices. It can also be integrated with Legacy Financial Software. Arriving at per unit cost of production is relatively very simple as compared to using MS Excel sheets. Budgeted Vs Actual spends reports and Cropwise Profit & Loss statement helps in financial management of your farm and agribusiness.

Farm Analytics

Farm data is useful for decision making only when it is analyzed and represented in ready to use format. Strong farm analytics module helps management users in quick and data driven decisions. Analytics backed up by AI and machine learning algorithms further refine decisions.

Smart Devices – Internet of Agricultural Things

FarmERP can be seamlessly integrated with wider range of smart devices like Sensors, Precision farming tools, drones, weather stations, telematics devices etc. This data captured through devices and production data which is accumulated over FarmERP server together, can be further analyzes with external data sources to offer some exceptionally intelligent insights for business decisions.

Parting thoughts

It is a wise decision to run your farming business over a single digital platform than using multiple small software. FarmERP smart ERP platform has capability to support all your business processes over it. Practice digital agriculture to achieve business objectives.