4 Strategies to Refine Your Sales Funnel with Digital Farm Management

Successful sales management is crucial to the growth and long term stability of every agribusiness. By enabling you to drill down to specific details of the sales process, an effective sales management system provides a clearer view of how your agribusiness progresses. An efficient farm management platform provides a robust sales system that can ensure accurate tracking and recording of your day-to-day sales transactions. This can facilitate the generation of insightful reports and effectively enhance your decision making.


From keeping track of day-to-day activities to managing customer relations, sales management can be an extremely daunting task. Similarly, churning out useful insights to make well-informed decisions can be a huge challenge in the absence of smart sales reports. A digital farm management system is thus necessary for agribusinesses to prevent these mishaps and to help them manage recall situations more efficiently.

Digitizing and automating the recording of sales can help you in saving a lot of time and focus more on strategizing to reap bigger returns. An effective sales system can empower you to adopt a resilient approach to product recall management with batch traceability.

Similarly, the provision of a variety of sales reports can help you immensely in making more profitable sales. This way, with all essential components of sales activities on one digital farm management platform, you can easily track, record, and analyse transactions to propel your agribusiness growth with refined sales systems.


Strategy 1: Digitalize Your Sales Activities to Save Time and Amplify Trade

Farming businesses across the world follow different techniques to stay on top of their sales processes. Many organizations still rely on manual efforts and constant iterations to track their sales activities. This can prove to be tedious, time-consuming, and eventually less productive. This ultimately hinders them from focusing on the more important strategic operations.

Without a digital element in your sales processes, you may be increasing the possibility of discrepancies and can make recording sales activities a challenging proposition. To deal with such issues, it is necessary to digitally map the entire process of booking, order, delivery, dispatch and invoice generation vis-a-vis every sale. Such a system can help you maintain all the sales details including the date of sale, customer information, product details, etc.

In recent years, the strategy of implementing an automated sales management system has proven useful in efficiently tracking and managing various sales activities. FarmERP’s farm management system can help you in maintaining records and particularising every aspect of the sales process without taking much of your time and effort.

Our digital farm management system can further assist you in strategizing your sales plan to ensure better resource management. We can help you in achieving excellent sales and operations alignment to meet all your production objectives.

When it comes to managing export operations, FarmERP’s agriculture management platform can help you in optimizing your documentation efforts with custom and commercial invoices. This way, FarmERP’s farm management system can precisely record all your invoices and enable you to focus more on the customer follow-ups.


Strategy 2: Leverage Sales Analytics Dashboards and Reporting Tools to Boost Revenues

Intelligent reporting and farm sales analytics are essential for every agribusiness as it helps in making well-informed decisions around your stock levels, costs, staffing, among many other things. Utilizing the huge pile of sales data to make smart decisions is easier said than done. Without running the right sales reports, it can lead to losses and a lot of business headaches.

The strategy of resorting to smart sales reports can significantly influence your medium to long-term business decisions by providing key details pertaining to the health of your agribusiness. However, even though having an overview of your sales is great, being more granular with your analytics can churn out even more meaningful insights.

With FarmERP’s proficient sales analytics dashboards, you can generate sales reports based on the type of products to recognize your best selling products and capitalize on it. Similarly, it also enables you to generate customer-wise sales reports to determine your top customers as well as those who aren’t completely engaging with your brand. This way, you can tailor your forthcoming sales strategies in a way to improve your business profitability.


Strategy 3: Alleviate the Impact of Food Recalls with Batch Traceability

Unfortunately, food recalls today have become too common in the agriculture industry. Product return or recalls don’t just lead to huge losses but also affect your sales with increased consumer distrust of your brand. Lack of a system to manage these situations is one of the main concerns why recalls keep happening again and again.

Without proper batch traceability methods, food spoilage and product recalls will continue to be a norm. Hence, it is an important strategy for agribusinesses to have an optimal farm management platform with a batch traceability feature to react swiftly and act quickly to returns and recalls. It can also help you in reaching the root cause of the problem with important details about storage, equipment, and transportation.

Being prepared at all times is key to limiting the damage to your agribusiness. With FarmERP’s sales system, you can easily track all your agriproducts batch-wise to identify the source of a problem in a food recall situation. FarmERP’s efficient agriculture management platform enables you to ensure that the recall progresses smoothly with an easy-to-use batch traceability feature.

With stickers and QR codes for every product, FarmERP’s farm management system makes food traceability a lot simpler and efficient. Similarly, with transport log sheets linked to your sales, keeping track of transportation details for every batch also becomes quite easier. By helping you communicate clearly and act promptly, FarmERP thus assists you in minimizing the negative impacts of food recall upon the credibility of your brand and business.


Strategy 4: Manage Customer Relationships through an Effective Sales System

With the rising scope of tech-integration in agriculture, the need for automated sales systems to manage customer relations has also grown multifold. Many agribusinesses across the world today are facing challenges associated with capturing data elements about prospects as well as addressing their buying tendencies and future purchase needs.

This has made it essential to have an advanced farm management system that optimizes your customer relationship management efforts with an efficient sales system. FarmERP’s farm management system can help you in identifying and implementing the most effective sales processes to easily achieve your desired sales objectives.

With FarmERP’s built-in POS system, you can easily track individual customers’ sales and significantly optimize your customer management efforts. We also help you amplify your retail operations with the provision of cash and carry sales.

By enabling you to accept orders in advance as well as on the basis of stock availability, FarmERP’s farm management platform helps you in catering to a diverse range of customers. It enables you to keep your regular customers satisfied while also accepting new, small orders based on your inventory levels. This way, FarmERP’s farm management system can help you in effectively managing customer relations by keeping track of and optimizing your sales processes.

FarmERP’s farm management system also provisions the generation of sales reporting on the basis of stock-keeping units to help you determine your best performing and underperforming product variants. This way, FarmERP gives you a clearer picture of your major profit streams based on products, customers, SKUs and helps you make strategic decisions to improve your sales.

Managing FarmERP’s sales module provides agribusinesses with complete control over their sales management processes. We make sales tracking a quick and hassle-free process so that you dedicate the majority of your time and effort to augmenting your efficiency and productivity. Get in touch with us to know how our farm management platform can help you in adeptly tracking your sales activities down to the tiniest details and thereby, generate more profitable sales for your agribusiness.