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India’s leading Agroforestry company
deploys FarmERP

To effectively streamline nursery and agroforestry operations for over 13000 farmers and 16000 Hectares of plantation


Our esteemed client is a leader in the promotion of technology-based pulpwood plantations. They majorly focus on helping Farmers to improve their productivity and marginal returns. They are currently operating in several districts in the states of central India. So far more than 16000 Hectares of trees have been planted, benefiting more than 13000 farmers.


The company struggled in exercising control over operations spread across these multiple locations. This resulted in high mortality and low quality plants. Rejection rate was higher. Moreover, optimum utilization of human resources across different locations was an arduous task.

They faced challenges with respect to supply change management, surging manpower costs, payroll management which in turn affected the overall profitability.

There was dire need for a holistic system that would empower them to manage operations across multiple locations seamlessly. Cost control mechanism and a robust inventory management system were required to accurately assess the business operations and to strategize.

Unorganized nursery operations and mismanagement of payroll, was the major reason for high production costs and keeping control over it was a challenge.


FarmERP experts analysed entire business process which resulted gap analysis. We decided to take step by step approach. First we focused on establishing centralized control over inventory management. Second objective was to systematize nursery operations as per delivery schedules.

Production module and its key features, curtailed the mortality rate by 5 % in first season thereby establishing control over nursery operations planning and execution. Thus ensuring quality supply of products to Farmers. Inventory losses were reduced by 7%.

Accounts module was implemented to record all the financial transactions across all the nursery locations. It helps to track the payroll of the employees and labours of all the nursery locations. FarmERP module helped users to monitor the payments and receipts of the farmer.

FarmERP helps to maintain the amount of advances for the farmers, vendors and contractors. It also supported the users to track the sales based upon the advances received. A farmer ledger helped keeping track farmer wise transaction details.

FarmERP helped the supply chain operators to track shortage and damages faced during the delivery of the products.

Thorough operational training helped us to successfully implement FarmERP in ten working weeks.


  • Gained complete control over operational expenses across multiple locations.
  • Separate Profit & Loss Statement for each nursery operations can now be generated.
  • Quality for saplings is significantly improved thus reducing rejection rate.
  • Product deliveries to farmers have enhanced with 95% on time deliveries.
  • Overall operational efficiency is improved by 20%.

Please contact us to know how FarmERP software platform can play a vital role in enhancing your business objectives – Productivity, Profitability and Efficiency.


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