Frequently Asked Questions


FarmERP is most advanced and smart ERP platform for any agribusiness. In this era of fast changing business models, FarmERP supports every change your business is going through. Running your business over a single, integrated digital platform offers data visibility across the organization and provides extra agility to take fast decisions in this volatile agribusiness landscape. We work as technology partner to many agribusiness companies across the globe. Our commitment is long term and we have proved it through serving this industry since 2001 with our innovative technology offerings.

FarmERP is intelligently designed and technically crafted for company management to have complete control over business at all levels. It actually helps users follow best industry practices in agribusiness which eventually leads to productivity enhancement and increase in profits. It saves on inventory, labour and machinery costs , helps conserve water; improves quality of produce and increases operational efficiency. FarmERP offers most cutting edge technology trends available. If your business is using Excel sheets or small programs for recordkeeping or an independent accounting software or legacy ERP system for Finance & Inventory, then FarmERP can provide highest Return On Investment. If you are running an agribusiness, then you should be on running on FarmERP.

Agribusiness head / Plantation head

Sales and Production planning are important features of FarmERP. It allows you to link your Sales plan to Production plan which in turn enables business to identify gaps and maintain consistent supply of produce across the year. Yield estimation templates help in identifying excess or deficit production well in advance.

FarmERP has very strong Planning and Budgeting features. Crop schedule templates help you plan all tasks to be performed for a particular crop up to minutest details. Crop budget templates help create item wise budget. Farm analytics dashboards provide Planned versus Actual costs deviations. These features along with Inventory and GAP based management help farms drastically reduce production costs. FarmERP is widely used to optimize water, inputs, labour and machinery costs.

Packhouse manager/incharge

Pack house losses can be closely monitored and controlled effectively using Post production module. Pack house wise agri produce and packaging material inventory can be optimized based on packing plan. Quality tests, Packaging, Palletization, Pre- cooling, Cold storage and container loading operations can be managed in FarmERP. Pack house losses can be kept at minimum using advanced features.

Post production module covers entire post-harvest and packing management for agri produce. Details about cleaning, grading, processing, packing and other operations over harvested or procured agri produce are captured. FarmERP ensures traceability from finished goods to sowing/planting of crop. Barcode and QR code labels can be printed and pasted on finished goods.

Individual farm owner

This is an information age and it would be wise decision to adopt Smart Farming. Individual grower or small farm operator has limited farm resources. He has minimal access to knowledge and advice when it comes to best management practices. FarmERP offers a smart platform which complies with best industry practices for improving productivity and profitability. FarmERP saves costs, saves time and increase profits by bringing in organized and scientific way to practice farming. It ensures farm to fork traceability. Daily progress monitoring dashboards make your life easier as you avoid running to places to get important farm information. Dashboards make you aware of plot wise resource requirements on daily and weekly basis. Weather based advisory supports accurate activity planning. FarmERP mobile client application improves accessibility and ease of use as you can capture data while moving on the farm.

Farm Director / Farm manager

FarmERP saves costs, saves time and increase profits by bringing in organized and scientific way to practice farming. Planning module helps in creating detailed plan of activities to be performed for every crop. Crop wise schedule template is a powerful feature, which leads to generation of a daily To Do list for all crops. Task calendar keeps track of scheduled and completed tasks. FarmERP mobile client application improves accessibility and ease of use as you can capture this data while moving on the farm. Weather based advisory supports accurate activity planning. Farm analytics dashboard provides scheduled Vs executed tasks status with deviation. It also displays other Key Performance Indicators.

Crop budget templates help create item wise budget. You can calculate requirement of inputs, labours, machinery hours for entire crop season and for complete year in advance. Inventory notifications and alerts keep you informed about reorder levels and about-to- expire stock. Machinery servicing, maintenance and fueling details are captured to manage timely availability of machinery. This supports Farm manager to effectively manage the consistent supply of inputs and timely availability of labours and machinery. Dashboards make you aware of plot wise resource and costs requirement on daily and weekly basis. Agro-chemicals, fertilizers, packaging material consumption, crop wise labour and machinery usage can be visualized over analytics dashboard and Map.

Farm Supervisor / Agriculture Engineer

Good Agricultural Practices play major role in achieving higher productivity. Crop wise schedule template is a powerful feature, which leads to generation of a daily To Do list for all crops. Task calendar keeps track of scheduled and completed tasks. Application sends email alerts to users. FarmERP mobile client application improves accessibility and ease of use as you can capture this data while moving on the farm.

Agri Procurement manager

Contract farming module of FarmERP help you in managing consistent supply of produce from out growers and optimize your logistics cost. You can register out grower and contract details. FarmERP assists in providing Good Agricultural Practices schedule to all contracts. Field executive can record activities completed by out growers over a mobile device. He / she can also do periodic yield estimation and prepare harvesting plan. You can considerably reduce logistics costs using smart harvest planning based on geographical locations of plots.

Workshop / machinery manager/incharge

Assets management features of FarmERP can help you manage your fleet of farm machinery very effectively. Machine booking, spare parts inventory, machine maintenance details, fueling details and depreciation calculations are some of the important features. Machinery analytics dashboard provides machine usage and analytics. Telematics device can be fitted on to farm machinery and is integrated with FarmERP. This device sends information which can lead to optimized use of owned and rented machines.

Agricultural scientist / breeder

Conducting on-field experiments and trials form an integral part of Agricultural Research & Development. Scientist/Breeder must capture loads of data very much in detail on consistent basis to reach to conclusions. FarmERP mobile application collects data from on-field observations. This data can be captured plot wise, row wise or plant wise and later can be analyzed. FarmERP and FarmGyan offer customized smart solutions for R&D institutions based on Crop modelling, Statistical analysis, Big Data, Predictive analysis and Internet Of Things.

Biotech lab incharge

Biotech module is dedicated to cover Plant Tissue Culture operations. This module ensures traceability from saleable plants to cultures to mother plant. Entire business process covering media preparation, initiation, multiplication, shooting, rooting, planting, hardening and sales activities are mapped in FarmERP. It helps you in forward planning. Analytics dashboards offer operator wise performance and contamination analytics. This smart platform will help you improve overall quality of plants and reduce production cost per plant.

Agri pathology laboratories (Residue analysis laboratories)

FarmERP enables Agri Pathology Laboratory to manage data from sample collection to final report generation. Sample collection data is fed in by customer. Country and customer wise MRL templates and banned chemicals lists help analyze the sample and publish its result. This result is then accessed by customer over FarmERP platform. Accessibility over single platform saves significant time by both laboratory and customer.

QA manager/ executive

Quality of agricultural produce depends on timely application of inputs, best management practices and food safety standards. Whereas quality of finished goods depends on compliance to quality control framework. FarmERP supports your organizational Quality control framework. It allows you to define quality test templates at various stages and capture data accordingly. Customer and product wise MRL and other specifications list can be defined. Dashboards provide Food safety related alerts.

Agronomist / Horticulturist / Consultant

Successful farming is about getting just in time advice and taking necessary actions accordingly. Pest disease attack, unexpected weather conditions and many other scenarios attract Agronomist’s attention. FarmERP helps you to push this advisory and recommendations to farm manager and supervisors, so that they can execute these tasks on priority. FarmGyan provides weather based smart crop advisory.

FarmERP assists in practicing science based farming. This smart ERP platform establishes control over all operations and increases accuracy of on-farm decisions. It has resulted in direct increase in productivity for almost all users. Quality control templates can help build crop wise quality framework for entire crop cycle. FarmERP is Quality and Food safety certification compliant.

Store keeper / store manager

FarmERP's strong Inventory module helps keep track of all stock transactions across multiple locations. Users can optimize inventory levels for various items using reorder levels and expired item notifications. Items wise current stock with quantity and value can be reported. Efficient use of these features lead to considerable amount of savings in inventory costs.

Purchase manager / purchase executive

Timely availability of required agricultural inputs carries major importance. Purchase manager can seamlessly manage timely availability of items using our feature rich Purchase module in FarmERP. Purchase module covers Compare quotations, Purchase Order creation, Service Contracts for labour & machinery, Purchase indent and level wise Purchase Order approvals.

Accounts manager/ Accounts executive

Finance / Accounting are major functions which are at core of any business. FarmERP has fully functional Accounts module which manages all financial data in intelligent way and provide financial reports and costing dashboards. FarmERP has been seamlessly integrated with various other legacy financial software systems.

Sales Manager / Sales executive

Sales booking and customer order management processes can be handled very efficiently over FarmERP smart platform. You will be able to satisfy your clients with consistent supply of quality produce and analytics dashboards will help you mitigate demand- supply gap. FarmERP can be integrated with your third party CRM system and E-commerce sales portals. Sales Plan feature allows to monitor Planned vs Actual sales figures.