Five situations, in which you do not need FarmERP !

By Vijay J. | 29 January 2019

FarmERP adds tremendous value to every Agribusiness, in various ways. But here, we have identified few situations where in FarmERP is absolutely not needed. Yes ! we just do not recommend to go ahead and try us. It is our honest effort to save on costs and your valuable time. Here are those situations:

1. Where Labor management is not a challenge

It could be hard to believe for anyone; but it is not impossible. Labor management is extremely critical and costly component for any agribusiness. All those success stories, where companies have saved 10 to 15% of labor costs by efficient planning through FarmERP is of no use for organizations where labor management is not a challenge.

2. Where scaling up your agribusiness is simply multiplication of resources

If you believe that, just multiplying resources will help you scale your business, then FarmERP is surely not designed for you ! We do respect every effort you put in to run your agribusiness and to expand it. We do understand that head honchos want to scale up with lesser resources. For example, one of our client expanded their business volume to 2X with 1.75X resources, over robust digital platform of FarmERP. It increased operational efficiency of users and optimized resource costs.

3. Where there are zero chances of errors in inventory management

Not all companies get super efficient staff who can make boring job of inventory management just awesome. If your business users can maintain multi location inventory manually without any errors then you are lucky to have super humans working for you. Many of our clients claim to have saved maximum upto 15-20% of inventory costs with 99.99% accuracy. FarmERP has provided users with high level of data visibility over various geographical sites and optimized the multi location purchase process.

4. Where manual systems are preferred for farm management over software and smart tools

In this digital age, smart ERP Platform is fundamental necessity for any agribusiness to flourish. However we don't rule out the situations, where businesses can still flourish without these too. After all, who was using ERP 30 years back? They say ‘Old is Gold’; Obviously not good thought for smart global businesses. However we are just a call away for those who are curious to know more about our very popular Farm Management Software solution.

5. Where Traceability of produce and inputs are not crucial

‘Food safety’ can be listed as one of the most discussed and important concern in farming around the globe. We believe that "Trust factor" is very crucial for any business to get ahead. We enable agribusinesses to earn that reputation by providing traceability and residue free frameworks. Most of the FarmERP clients extensively use these frameworks to achieve Farm to Fork traceability of produce. Trace back and recall of input, human resource, produce, business partner is one of the inherent benefits of this ERP platform. However anyone feels that it is not required to build trust among customers, then we are not for them.