Automating Farm Machinery Maintenance and Asset Management with FarmERP

By Vijay J. | 01 May 2020

Agricultural machineries and their maintenance are not only an integral part of agriculture management but also are major cost items for agribusinesses and farm producers. In addition, fluctuating fuel costs are further adding to the expense for farm businesses today. With advancements in technologies, new farming equipment are being introduced in the markets, and this makes machinery maintenance and asset management a herculean task for agribusinesses.

FarmERP introduces a unique feature in its farm management software for machinery maintenance in order to improve the economic sustainability and productivity of agricultural producers, today. As this requires the integration of many dimensions, including fueling costs, asset inspection, audit, and logistics, FarmERP manages and automates the machinery maintenance task for farm businesses to incur a significant drop in their annual utilisation costs.

Agricultural Machinery is Costly; But Unmaintained Machinery is Costlier

Agribusinesses, along with boosting sales, are increasing focus on pursuing economic sustainability of their farms by mitigating their production costs. Taking into consideration all the factors where most of the resources are spent, especially money, maintenance and repair processes for agricultural machinery is one of the most prominent expenses that farming businesses are facing today.

In order to maintain the economic health of any farming business, ensuring timely maintenance of all its agricultural equipment and vehicles is a must. However, most farm producer companies fail to keep track of machinery maintenance cycles of all its assets, because the number of equipment used is huge. Thereby, modern agribusinesses are realising the importance of enhancing maintenance practices and upgrading the machineries through mechanization and automation of these procedures.

The transition from manual maintenance operations to data-driven practices has now become almost inevitable. Automation of agricultural mechanization and managing the maintenance tasks digitally is becoming an intensive area of research and development, and FarmERP introduces an innovative module in its farm management software which makes machinery and asset management easier for farm businesses.

Here are some of the important features of the machinery maintenance module of FarmERP’s farm management software. This can help farm businesses to understand how power of technology can be used in lowering the cost of ownership and operation can be reduced substantially through digital tools for machinery maintenance.

Automating Machine Maintenance Cycles for Better Economic Performance

FarmERP offers an extensive platform for digitally managing the maintenance of all agricultural machineries and equipment. Its next-generation farm management system allows farm managers to enlist all its machineries in the software and keep track of the maintenance schedule for all those agricultural equipment. Farm businesses can also ensure various types of maintenance cycles, including preventive maintenance, predictive maintenance, corrective maintenance, and general maintenance, for all their owned as well as rented assets.

The software also allows contractors to add machinery maintenance details on the agriculture management software, which enables farm businesses to avoid the tedious task of keeping track of all the machineries operated by multiple contract farmers. Contract farmers or even plot supervisors can send a maintenance request that is accepted by farm managers, while they can view the complete maintenance history of that particular machineries.

FarmERP’s farm management software, when tracking the maintenance history of any machinery, enlists all the spare parts used, the last operator, last maintenance date, current meter reading, and the next maintenance date. The agriculture management system also allows farm managers to set a reminder for the upcoming maintenance dates for all machineries, so that they won’t miss any scheduled maintenance due to human error. This way, farm management and machinery maintenance can be easily automated, which ultimately can contribute to farm cost saving in a significant way.

Tracking Machine Inspection and Asset History Digitally

FarmERP also introduces another important aspect of machinery maintenance - asset management. With the rise of mechanization of various agricultural practices, the utilization of numerous machineries has ballooned in most farming businesses, and this makes keeping up with machinery inspection cycles and asset management a huge task for stakeholders.

FarmERP’s farm management tool offers a comprehensive machinery inspection feature where farm managers can view complete data and history of all its assets. Each and every asset and machinery is given its own, unique code which helps in finding whether that particular asset is available for production or not. The status of operating condition for all assets can be seen in terms of available, broken/damaged, not working, or scrap.

This feature of the agriculture management platform also helps immensely in agricultural audits, as it tracks depreciation of all the assets used throughout the business. In today’s era, where any new technology can make any asset obsolete, it becomes a highly complicated task to calculate annual depreciation of a large number of assets. FarmERP’s farm management software automates this complete process for farming businesses, helping them keep machinery inspection cycles on track and mitigating their annual ownership costs.

Managing Fuel Consumption and Expenses with a Click

FarmERP’s farm management software offers the best-in-industry machinery maintenance module, which does not only help farm producers with asset management and maintenance but also enables them to track their fuel consumption through various farm equipment and vehicles.

The agriculture management system enables managers to keep track of fueling details for each vehicle and agricultural machinery owned by the company, which can be viewed simply with one click on a single digital platform. Fueling details can be as minute as fuel type, fuel quantity, fueling location, operator name, machinery category, machine name, total fuel consumption, total amount of fuel, and meter reading for that particular equipment or vehicle.

The farm ERP software also allows managers to segregate fueling details into internal and external categories. This indicates that farm businesses that have tie ups with third-party gas stations or fuel suppliers, then that kind of fueling detail can also be noted through FarmERP. Not just this, but what makes FarmERP the best agriculture management software is that it links all the fueling details with the asset code or machine details, which enables managers to easily view use of fuel consumption and the amount spent on that particular asset, with a single click.

Integrating Smart Tracking Devices through IoT to Get Machinery Analytics

FarmERP’s next-generation farm management software offers various features by integrating it with advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. This is a unique agriculture management tool that enables farm businesses to implement smart farming. FarmERP’s machinery maintenance module exhibits capabilities of integrating smart GPS tracking tools with all assets and machineries, which makes device tracking easier than ever.

With the help of a tracking device, keeping note of most of the details about the machinery operations, maintenance, inspection, and fuel consumption can be automated. FarmERP’s farm management software integrates all this data with its assets history feature, and smartly generates maintenance reminders for all farm machineries.

In addition, FarmERP also converts this data into tasks, and automatically adds them to the task calendar. This way, farm managers do not have to rely on any manual framework for maintaining all their machineries and managing asset inspection cycles. Ultimately, farm businesses can get intelligent machinery analytics with the help of FarmERP, as the farm management software gives smart recommendations and insights on machinery maintenance and asset management.