Making Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Supply Chains Resilient with Technology

By Vijay J. | 20 January 2020

Fresh fruit and vegetable businesses are witnessing extraordinary growth, which is mainly augmented by increasing demand for food across the world. However, stakeholders in the fresh fruit and vegetable industry are still struggling to reap the benefits of positive growth prospects and fetch profits. Though there are multiple lucrative growth opportunities that are unfolded for fresh fruit and vegetables, businesses are still struggling to mitigate losses. This condition is mainly attributed to the high business costs incurred by food waste and losses, which causes a significant account of shrinkage in supply chain.

Nevertheless, constant evolutions in global farming practises and the advent of next-generation technologies have triggered the intersection of technology and the agriculture industry. This is directing the industry towards a new era of development, where fresh fruit and vegetable businesses are resorting to advanced technologies to enhance the efficiency and productivity in their supply chains. This article explains why technology has a vital role to play in bolstering improvements in the logistics quality of fresh fruit and vegetable businesses.

Transforming Farm-to-Fork Supply Chains for Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Businesses

Unlike frozen or processed food products, fresh fruits & vegetables are immensely influenced by environmental factors that greatly impact their shelf life and product quality. Thereby, supply chain management in fresh fruit & vegetable businesses is one of the most crucial parts of business operations in this industry.

In recent years, leading stakeholders in the supply chains of fresh fruit & vegetable businesses have begun to actively focus on initiating a tectonic shift from manual and traditional practices to tech-based activities in the value chain. The primary reason for bolstering integration of technologies is to reduce shrinkages in logistics and improve the efficient use of robust resources throughout the supply chain. Consequently, tech-based ERP software solutions for farm management systems are being implemented widely by fresh fruit & vegetable businesses to tackle various supply chain challenges.

Here are the foremost important factors that may eat out of revenues from fresh fruit & vegetable businesses, yet can be dealt with by the virtue of tech-based supply chain management tools for the agriculture industry.

Optimizing Inventory to Sync Sales Plans and Procurement Plans for Fresh Produce

In the fresh fruit and vegetable industry, lack of visibility in sales and production cycles lead to suboptimal inventory, because of which businesses fail to meet ever-growing demand for various types of fresh fruits and vegetables. However, new-age technologies can be implemented through advanced farm management systems to manage inventory and reduce losses due to spoilage. ERP software solutions can also be incorporated to ensure adequate inventory in order to keep in line with the sales forecast. Thereby, advanced ERP solutions are witnessing high deployment in fresh fruit & vegetable industry, as businesses are aiming to improve accuracy and predictability across sales and procurement strategies, ultimately to multiply profits.

Improving Traceability throughout Supply Chains of Fresh Produce with ERP

Next-generation technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and satellite imagery are emerging as buzzwords in the agriculture industry. Thereby, ERP solutions integrated with these technologies are deployed among by stakeholders in the fresh fruit & vegetable industry to ensure complete visibility of data across the entire supply chain of their businesses.

With these features, ERP software for the agriculture industry can help stakeholders offer complete traceability of product lifecycle to end users and consumers. This is mainly focused at improving profitability of business operations involved in procurement as well as sales through visibility of data and insights across the entire value chain.

FarmERP is one of the most trusted ERP software solutions implemented by global leaders in the fresh fruit & vegetable industry. It offers high levels of technological support and features that can simply curb shelf-life and inventory-related losses, which boosting profits in fresh produce businesses.