Hydroponics and vertical farming.
Run your next generation agribusiness over FarmERP platform

By Vijay G. | 26 October 2018

Hydroponics and vertical farming is the buzzword in commercial Agriculture. Many still doubt upon its profitability. Few others consider it difficult to crack. It all started as 'soilless agriculture', and was stated extremely relevant in war like situations where as few horticulturists developed it as a hobby. Now, it is rapidly emerging as potential profit making Agri-business.

With the advances in farming, controlled climate agriculture ( glasshouse, polyhouse) emerged as high value business. It started producing exotic vegetables, herbs and delicate cut-flowers. Hydroponics is another step ahead that requires utmost precision. By practicing FarmERP software platform to run your business you can achieve both precision and operational efficiency.

To manage continuous supply of produce, Hydroponics and vertical farming require needs high level of planning and execution. It includes more production planning, Inputs management, human resource management, strict schedules of fertilizers, pesticides. Timely purchase of inputs, crop health management, harvest scheduling, sales order management, deliveries and accounts all functions can be done using FarmERP.

A robust and integrated ERP solution always brings complete control over operations listed below and indeed improves bottom-line.

  1. Supports 365 days’ a year supply operations. We take care of most critical part of your business
  2. Optimized sales order and vendor management
  3. Addresses management of labour intensive operations providing best use of limited resources
  4. Complete crop production cycles including complex nutrients, irrigation and crop protection schedules
  5. Covers many locations and various crops with diverse needs at the same time
  6. Operational efficiency ultimately results into best quality produce with reduced costs
  7. Complete financial and inventory management from Planning till Sales
  8. Use of data science for analytics and future business decisions
  9. Integration with smart devices and legacy software systems is possible
  10. Accessibility across locations, platforms and devices
  11. Greatest scalability of business with optimization of resources

With many other features, FarmERP helps commercial hydroponics and vertical farming businesses to scale up and streamline complex business operations. Talk to our experts today or write to us at sales@farmerp.com