Decoding the art of growing export quality fruits with data science

By Vijay J. | 24 September 2019

Growing horticulture crops can be called as an art when it is backed up by science. When it comes to Fresh Fruits and Vegetables (FFV) agribusiness, producing and delivering export quality products, is made easier with data science using FarmERP.

Export quality agri-produce requires management of sprays within tolerable residue limits. It involves growing as per specifications like shape, size, colour, uniformity, taste, flavour as well as quantity. While achieving all of the above, business needs to keep in mind branding, sustainability, business profits and credibility in the market. Although it is a critical and precision demanding process; we have successfully decoded the art of growing export quality fruits and it is helping many FFV businesses worldwide. Here is how FarmERP has been successful in this ;

FarmERP way of decoding an art of producing export quality fruits is being practiced successfully across continents. Data science has helped us strengthening this ERP platform to offer innovative decision making capabilities.