Digital transformation of your Agribusiness! Simply integrate your legacy software systems and hardware devices with FarmERP .

By Bhanudas S. | 11 October 2019

IT landscape of your Agribusiness

As your business undergoes changes, software systems need to change. Sometimes software systems become outdated, no longer cope up with the new and advanced technology, thus further reducing overall efficiency of many processes. Another scenario is that you are relying on various software tools, but they are not in sync with each other. This carries sizable efforts to integrate this information from different databases and pull out actionable data insights. Adding to this IT landscape, there are various smart IoT devices, sensors, GPS trackers, automated systems which are generating data. Sensor data if combined with farm management data, offers broader decision support. Most of the times, integrated single software solution makes on-farm life easier than one thinks. But it does not stop there.

How to achieve digital transformation?

What if a better option is available to achieve a smooth digital transformation of your business within less time, money and energy? How about having a comprehensive ERP platform, that fixes current problems and brings out the desired changes with seamless integration of ‘Technology’ and ‘Expertise’. And simultaneously, it can be integrated with your existing processes. Yes, we have the perfect solution for digitally transforming your Agribusiness.

At FarmERP, we do offer ‘Single Sign-On’ experience to all kinds of stakeholders of your Agribusinesses. The platform is equipped to integrate all smart devices, sensors, tracking devices, automated weather stations, automated irrigation systems etc. Any and all Internet of Agricultural Things (IoAT) devices can be integrated with FarmERP. Just imagine how easy it is for users to use a single ERP platform to run your Agribusiness.

Integration is the key

If your users are well versed and happy with small software program or full-fledged enterprise software application, just think of integrating that function with FarmERP. We can define a best approach and execute it for your business requirements. Save on time and save on money. Our platform can integrate well with all known operational, accounting, inventory, sales tracking and other software systems. Without losing good old tools, we provide a ways of synchronization and tracking among various processes, through a robust integration plan.

See it to believe it

We are an email away. See it to believe it. Our experts can demonstrate the way the Digital Transformation and Integration of your Agribusiness will work, in a more holistic and cost effective way.