Customer Management for Agriculture and How Technology can Help

By Vijay J. | 27 January 2020

While the agriculture industry is moving rapidly towards technology-driven trends, all the stakeholders are also increasing attention towards customer relationship management. The entire supply chain is facing challenges vis-à-vis managing customer relations, tracking behavioural patterns, and customer leads. This is expected to trigger needs for a technologically advanced farm management system that can facilitate customer relationship management for the entire agriculture industry and fresh fruit & vegetable businesses.

As the competitive environment in the agriculture industry is getting more intense, stakeholders are increasing their focus on strengthening their supply chains to consolidate their position in the market. Apart from offering high-quality and traceable products, agribusinesses are riding on the new wave of technology-based farm management systems to bolster their business.

Customer relationship management is emerging as one of the most important trends in the agriculture and fresh fruit & vegetable industries. With the recent advancements in technologies, market players are aiming to deal with challenges related to customer relationship management.

In the coming years, technology is expected to provide agribusinesses the ability to know their existing customers and even the potential customers through usual practices. Ultimately, all the stakeholders in the agricultural supply chain are likely to be able to carry out a specific operation to reach out to the target customers and generate more leads by convincing them to make purchasing decisions and process payments.

ERP Software and Customer Management Will Work Together in Agricultural Supply Chains

Leading stakeholders are resorting to next-generation farm management systems integrated with ERP platforms that can enable more efficient customer relationship management. Thereby, the benefits and features of new-age ERP platforms for the entire agriculture industry are going beyond precision farming and data-driven decision making. Agricultural ERP platforms are considered to be a new way of managing and tracking behaviours of existing and potential customers.

The demand for ERP platforms that can streamline various operations related to customer relationship management, such as marketing, sales, quoting, and post-sales support for customers, is increasing in the agriculture industry. Not only farmers, but packaging businesses and distribution channels in this landscape are also voicing their demand for a technologically advanced ERP platform that can enable them to efficiently manage customer records and establish better customer relationships.

Big Data is Taking a Quantum Leap in Customer Relationship Management

Like all the other industrial areas that are taking their operations on a digital platform, the agriculture industry is also going through a new phase where most of its operations revolve around data. With the increasing amount of data acquired through various processes across its supply chain, which includes growing, testing, packing, and distributing the produce, the need for advanced technologies that can build a system to consolidate and interpret this data has increased tremendously.

Thereby, Big Data is being foraying into the agricultural customer relationship management, where it can be used in capturing, collecting, as well as processing the data through various digital sensors, and offer intelligent insights for managing customer relationships. The massive adoption of this technology in the agricultural supply chain, especially in customer management, is expected to completely change the perspective of managing customer relationship In the coming years.