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Hydroponics and vertical farming.
Run your next generation agribusiness over FarmERP platform

By Vijay G. On 26 October 2018

Hydroponics and vertical farming is the buzzword in commercial Agriculture. Many still doubt upon its profitability. Few others consider it difficult to crack.....

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Best Farm Accounting Practices using FarmERP

By Bhanudas S. On 03 October 2018

FarmERP is a smart agriculture ERP platform and it consists of full feature powerful yet user friendly Accounts module. This module is capable of handling financial transactions, accounts keeping and Financial reporting....

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Save water using FarmERP platform

By Bhanudas S. On 03 September 2018

Water is termed as the next ‘Fuel’ and unfortunately it is not a limitless resource. Every drop of water we consume each time has its value. As agriculture is vastly dependent on water its consumption needs to be optimized. It is possible to achieve this by practising FarmERP....

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FarmERP platform being used for Village Transformation Projects

By Swapnil V. On 03 July 2018

In this digital era, resource poor farmers are often deprived of technology and solutions based on it. Right inputs, timely agronomic and weather based advice can change lives of marginal farmers....

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Tree wise Record Management– A Plantation Accelerant

By Bhanudas S. On 16 May 2018

Plantation is an important contributor to the world’s biodiversity. It not only alleviates rural unemployment and brings down erosion....

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How FarmERP is digitally transforming Agribusinesses? - Sudheera S.

By Sudheera S. On 18 April 2018

Agriculture remains the most important sector of global economy. In order to improve its produce and farming efficiency....

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Transforming the way Farming is done - Mugdha Dumbre

By FarmERP On 4 April 2016

Entrepreneurship is clearly one of the most powerful and influential words of the past few decades.

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FarmERP - A step towards profitable and sustainable farming

By FarmERP On 19 June 2013

Increase on farm operational efficiency with FarmERP - Unique case study of an Oman based Agri-produce company

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