Agritech-driven Plantation Farming: Powering Up Potential of Agri Sector

Agritech has always been a great protagonist of agricultural revolutions. Agritech-based plantation farming has proved to be a golden opportunity and aided the growth of major players in the agricultural sector. Incorporating agritech-driven plantation agriculture has unleashed unmatched benefits for medium to large-sized plantation owners even in testing times.

Are you concerned about the impact of climate change, pest infestations, crop diseases, labour shortage, or high costs on your plantations? Agritech-based plantation agriculture can eliminate all these challenges and help you take care of your large farmlands efficiently. 

Futuristic agricultural devices such as drones, agribots, and sensors can uncover new possibilities to techpower your plantation operations. Farm analytics can help you get insights into the diverse metrics of your plantation parameters. Here are a few ways how agritech-driven plantation farming can prove to be a great asset for your agribusiness and help you bolster your plantation management efforts successfully.

Capture Insightful Field Information With Agricultural Drones

With plantations and large-scale farms involving bigger fields, farmers find it difficult to track field conditions and analyse farm parameters accurately. Protecting vast farmlands from the risks of climatic hazards is also a massive hurdle. Similarly, producers are compelled to use their resources judiciously in order to obtain maximum returns for their field operations.

Agritech in plantation management can prove to be a viable option for farmers to gain visibility across their entire farmland. With high-resolution pictures of the fields provided by drones, mapping and surveying the plantations for crucial information can become a lot more efficient. Moreover, farmers can get rid of the guesswork and make well-informed, data-driven decisions. 

Advanced agricultural drones can help you dive deep into the details pertaining to soil health, crop quality, and pest infestations. Consequently, farmers can carry out the spraying of pesticides accurately as per the requirement of every plot with the help of drones. This way, agritech based plantation farming can help farmers to make smart use of resources and gain vital insights into their plantation environment.

How Agricultural Sensors Foster Climate-smart Plantation Management 

Every crop requires a certain set of climatic conditions that are suitable for its optimal cultivation. That being said, unprecedented rains and uncertain weather patterns are becoming increasingly common due to climate change. Consequently, the plantation production practices are getting severely hampered, thereby affecting the health and quality of yields.

Agritech based plantation farming can enable precise monitoring of weather and field conditions with the help of agricultural sensors. This involves collecting soil data as well as capturing temperature, humidity, and moisture information across your plantation. As a result, producers and plantation managers can make smart predictions related to crop needs. 

Sensors can be advantageous in setting up weather stations that can be helpful in tracking rainfall, air pressure, wind speed, and other weather metrics. This can allow farmers to optimise their processes, cut down costs, and produce high-quality yields. Agritech based plantation farming can thus help you to manage your operations more efficiently with the help of sensors and practice climate-smart agriculture.

Get Agribots to Automate Tedious Tasks and Accelerate Production 

As the global population explodes at an alarming rate, the demand for food production is also skyrocketing. This is compelling plantation owners to upgrade their cultivation practices with the help of smart agritech and skilled labour. However, a major challenge, especially in the current times, is the lack of workers for your plantations. 

Agritech based plantation farming can be pivotal in increasing the productivity of your fields through the use of agricultural robots or agribots. The slow, repetitive, and monotonous plantation activities can also be automated with the help of agribots. Unmanned, AI-driven agribots can precisely conduct fertilization, sowing, planting, as well as make smart decisions for your plantations.

Agribots can detect pests and help you take necessary measures to protect your plantations from weeds and diseases. By reducing dependency on skilled labour, agribots can reduce your production costs significantly. These high-tech robots can also enhance your data gathering and assessment procedures to optimise your planning strategies.

Drive Precision Into Your Plantation Practices With Farm Analytics 

Harnessing data and innovation has become incumbent upon plantation owners to ramp up their production practices. This is essential so as to optimise resource utilisation and regularly monitor critical field parameters. Employing agritech based plantation farming has thus become imperative for agribusinesses to bring more precision into their agricultural activities.

Agritech based plantation farming can help plantation owners to detect production risks well in time with the help of farm analytics. It can help in identifying adequate fertiliser, seeds, machinery and labour requirements for every plot of your plantation. This, in turn, can enable you to make accurate decisions and manage your plantation production intelligently. 

Through farm analytics, agritech-based plantation farming can assist farmers to avoid the overuse of fertilisers and pesticides. It can offer in-depth insights into plantation parameters and ensure data-driven plantation management. Farm analytics can also be helpful in reducing crop failure risks and driving transformative changes through precision agriculture.

Agritech based plantation farming employs various smart devices to amplify your agricultural production. Are you looking to cash in on the benefits of agritech in plantation farming? Get in touch with FarmERP, the world’s most trusted plantation management software, to scale up your production smartly. Make the most of our plantation and farms pack to optimise the planning and management functions of your plantations or large farms.