Agribusiness Software Platform to track your people, products, farmers and finances

Companies which produce and sale seeds, fertilizers, chemicals, farm equipment and irrigation systems and other inputs to farmers need to have strong Customer Relationship Management system in place. In this era of fierce competition, connecting to farmers, capturing their farm data, analyzing this data and providing advisory services to farmers, becomes very much essential to promote input products. This also establishes a strong relationship between company and farmers.

Advanced Software

A close co-ordination between company, sales team and farmers over a single digital platform can help this bond to grow stronger. These efforts may form a part of company’s product branding strategy

FarmERP helps establish complete control over these important parameters. FarmERP is most comprehensive and advanced ERP software platform which supports business to connect to large number of farmers over scattered geographies. FarmERP simplifies management of farmers, inputs, , GAP monitoring, Yield Estimation, Quality control, Weather based crop advisory, which in turn helps the business to increase brand penetration and drive higher profit margins. It also provides GPS tracking solutions for sales team. Farmgyan offers weather based intelligent crop advisory for farmers.

FarmERP platform enables third party users, vendors, customers, partners to access specific services which improves overall efficiency and speed of operations.

Farm analytics ( BI ) dashboards offer smarter data insights which enables management users to take right decisions at right time.

FarmERP software platform can be customized or integrated with legacy financial software or smart hardware devices.

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Highlights of FarmERP for Agribusiness company

  • Supports multiple crops, locations and users
  • Covers entire cycle 'Farm to Fork'
  • Achieves end to end Traceability
  • Production benchmarking
  • Farmer and plot geotagging
  • GAP, Yield estimation and smart crop advisory
  • Quality control templates
  • Farm analytics for data driven decisions
  • Organizational hierarchy mapping
  • Analytics for data driven decisions
  • Organizational hierarchy mapping
  • Accessed over web, mobile and tablet

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