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A Leading grape exporter from
India chooses FarmERP

To streamline time-critical fruit procurement, packing and exports operations for 1000+ containers and achieves complete Farm to Fork traceability


The client is one of the leading exporters in India. They are mainly into export of Grapes to various countries. The company was incorporated in 2000 to better serve the Farm Equipment Sector’s extensive base of rural customers.

The company currently works with more than 2500 farmers from the Nashik, Sangli, Latur and Solapur regions of Maharashtra for grape production and export operations. It not only procures fresh produce from farmers, but also provides end to end extension services – including agronomy, certification, grading and packaging, etc.

The company enables farmers to produce the best quality grapes and gives them access to international markets.


With 15 pack houses across four locations the client struggled in maintaining unified pack house operations. Keeping the Fruit quality and MRL compliance and maintaining the quality standards of grapes for exporting to EU and Middle east was one for the challenges faced by the client.

Inventory management and traceability of stock in each level on process across multiple pack houses and higher post-harvest losses and reconciliation were additional issues.

They required a comprehensive platform where the pack house process and all its stakeholders like CHA and MRL labs will come together for seamless Packhouse operation and export.

Weighing scale integration and Bar code printing and scanning was also required.

Maintaining crop quality at the time of production was critical for the client which would help them in more quantity for export.

Material resource planning was also important for them for pre-procurement of packaging material for export.
“A need for consistent ERP that drive down costs and meet volume needs”


The FarmERP solution matched to the client’s all the requirement. Team of FarmERP experts visited pack houses and studied current business processes.

FarmERP created a single platform for managing the pack house process from Farmer Registration to Export Documentations.

We have developed MRL and Quality templates for getting accurate reading for MRL compliance which helps in good quality fruits export and minimizing Clients rejections. FarmERP was integrated with Weighing scales to eliminate manual errors. FarmERP also supported various complex processes that required resource management capabilities, providing management users an operational visibility.

Inventory Management – traceability of stocks, inventory losses and reconciliation provisions in FarmERP helped the client. FarmERP also provided third party user integration (CHA and MRL labs) in managing real time processes.

Import and Export documentations recoding provision is also available on FarmERP. FarmERP Implementation helped in planning and control over the pack house operations.


FarmERP helped the client in achieving the target more than 800 containers. FarmERP has saved around 20% of Inventory losses. In post-harvest losses, the client saved upto 40%. With the use of FarmERP mobile client, farm activities at farmers is also possible.

  • Optimized efficiency of highly complex operations.
  • Field supervisor used to monitor such farm activities.
  • FarmERP provides management employees to access information anytime, anywhere.
  • Gained better visibility and control of inventory.
  • Gained new customers.
  • Improved accountability across the enterprise.
  • Improved quality of fruits with use of Quality Control Module.
  • Reduced packaging errors.
  • Simplified budgeting and capacity planning with forecasting.

Please contact us to know how FarmERP software platform can play a vital role in enhancing your business objectives – Productivity, Profitability and Efficiency.


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