September 2017


Newly launched features

      Production Analytics
      Packaging Analytics
      Expenses Analytics
      Input Consumption Analytics
      Machinery Analytics

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August 2017 Newsletter


New Website Launched

Happy to launch our new website, which offers broader insight of our smart product line & solutions. Being pioneer in Agriculture-ICT solutions, and having presence worldwide with many happy clients FarmERP holds future for smart agriculture. Check how FarmERP can be help make your agribusiness profitable.
FarmERP - Advanced software solution for Farm
and Farmer Data management

Agriculture / farming is the most noble and oldest profession for mankind. United Nations estimates the global population to rise to 9.7 Billion by 2050. It means farm operators have to produce more food on less land. On other side agriculture around the globe is facing challenges and demands focus on yield improvement, biodiversity, soil preservation, water conservation, climate change and food safety. Our mission is to help stakeholders to face these challenges and make them ready for 2050. We aim at technology intensive transformation of agriculture and agribusiness. With a strong R&D and professional expertise of 16+ years, we are poised to achieve this through our smart and innovative technology offerings - FarmERP and FarmGYAN.
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Q. How FarmERP will act as a partner in our growth?

FarmERP is most advanced and smart ERP platform for any agribusiness. In this era of fast changing business models, FarmERP supports every change your business is going through. Running your business over a single, integrated digital platform offers data visibility across the organization and provides extra agility to take fast decisions in this volatile agribusiness landscape. We work as technology partner to many agribusiness companies across the globe. Our commitment is long term and we have proved it through serving this industry since 2001 with our innovative technology offerings.