October 2017


FarmERP Highlights Oct 2017

      Supports multiple crops, locations               and users
      Covers entire cycle 'Farm to Fork'
      Farmer group management
     Labour and inputs optimization
     Yield estimation and harvest

     Customer order booking and

      Traceability report                  

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September 2017 Newsletter


Success Stories

FarmERP software platform for Organic farming
Our client is in production and retail trading of wide range of fresh organic produce in India. Growing to be one of the largest in organic sector and witnessing an increasing demand for better quality vegetables that provide better value to the buyers. Considering business requirements there is a need of single ERP software platform where ‘Farm to Fork’ data management and analysis can be achieved.
Being producer and retail supplier for the organic fresh produce, the client was familiar with ever changing customer demands, cost constraints, supply chain challenges and certification compliance defined for organic farms. Data management was a challenge as it was handled manually using MS Excel. It was very difficult to establish control over time critical operations using existing data management practices. Different organic farm operation methodologies, planning and control over production, activities performed over farm, optimization of resources, quality and productivity analysis, integration of farm equipment’s to ERP along with cost optimization were some of critical business requirements.
FarmERP smart agriculture ERP platform covers entire organic farming business process. Post installation and configuration, Farm and business users were trained to use the software. Customer order booking is linked with production planning. Task scheduling is done based on production planning. Daily harvest and packing plan is prepared based on demand requirement. FarmERP mobile application is used to capture entire farm data being generated on daily basis. This device data is periodically synchronized with FarmERP server. Business intelligence dashboards and reports were designed for management users in order to help them take faster and better decisions.
FarmERP implementation helped reduce operational costs for client by optimizing resources. Better control over timely and best quality delivery is achieved. Mapping of demands to production planning assured consistent supply of fresh produce in market. Advanced business intelligence dashboards are helping managerial users to take time critical decisions and serve the clients better. FarmERP has improved overall performance and proved to be a great boost to establish an organic fresh produce brand in crowded market.