July 2018


FarmERP Highlights

Sri Lanka’s leading Mango plantation company deploys FarmERP.

To digitally transform its business operations from Plantation to Point Of Sale.

Our client who is a leading Mango Plantation Company having planted 60000 trees on 5 different geographical sites is one of the largest mango orchards in Sri Lanka. This company also produces mango pulp and Individually Quick Frozen products. These products are sold through company owned retail outlets and exports. Fresh fruits are exported to UK and other European countries.

  • Maintaining quality of fresh fruits was a major problem.

  • Complex activities like bagging fruit and harvesting them after specific period requires higher number of man days.

  • Physical inspection of fruits was a tedious task and there was no means to simplify this task.

  • Multiple locations make the plantation management difficult.

  • Planning and execution of activities used to attract maximum man hours.

  • Estimation of fruits yield was un traceable.

  • Tree wise observations and harvest recording was not possible.

  • Human resources and payroll functions of employees and labours were time consuming.

  • Company owned retail outlets were working on offline software, hence fruit inventory reconciliation was difficult to have.

FarmERP Experts spent substantial time studying and analysing pain area of the client. our Team devised solution to streamline complex process of bagging of fruit and harvesting it . We suggested to paste the bags with labels having week numbers printed on it. This reduced efforts of harvesting team as they can only open those bag's which are falling in the current week. Another advantage is they actual number of fruits to be harvested were recorded on the platform. This was achieved using an Android tablet to capture this data in offline mode.

Our team designed a hybrid Point Of Sale solution, which could work both in offline and online mode to keep the product inventory up to date.

  • Geo tagging, and tree encoding done for all trees.

  • Five sites and sixty thousand tree inventory is mapped on FarmERP platform.

  • Inventory management for inputs and finished goods made easy.

  • Human resources, manpower planning, machinery planning could be done in advance thus, to simplify resource allocation.

  • Site wise account keeping and crop wise P&L can be generated.

  • Our client could run its entire business operations of production, post production, purchase, inventory, accounts and Point Of Sales over a single digital platform.

  • Our client can now focus on maintaining the quality of fruits and customer satisfaction.

Integration of FarmERP with smart weather device to provide crop water requirement advisory.

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