January 2018


2017 has been a year of growth for FarmERP. Here are some updates…

A leading vegetable farming company in Oman is now using FarmERP software for its farming operations. The company's main farming operation is located at a 1200 Ha of land on Oman's Batinah and Salala regions of Muscat. The company has infrastructure and experience to produce a large variety of residue free vegetables, which are sold in Oman, Gulf and other niche markets in Far east and Europe. Production output has grown from 2000 tons in the early years of the project to 20,000 tons now.

FarmERP has helped many leading companies in achieving objectives of higher profits and sustainable agribusiness. FarmERP bags Maxell Award-2017 for Excellence in Innovation The vision is "to transform agriculture with Our innovative IT solutions".


FarmERP bags Maxell Award-2017
for Excellence in Innovation

FarmERP is a complete solution covering purchase, inventory, production, post production, planning, farm profile, accounts, contract farming and HR. In effect, it has given farmers and agribusinesses a smart system to manage their agricultural business processes, thus improving operational efficiency and increasing profitability. FarmERP is widely used in India, USA, Turkey, Thailand, Middle East, Azerbaijan and South Africa.

“FarmERP Lite (Safe to Harvest)”. This App guides grape growers on saving MRL test resampling costs. It helps growers to get smart recommendations on PHI and MRL and lead to Safe Harvest with respect to phytosanitary requirements. Active ingredient data we have used in this app from NRC Grapes and other International organizations. We will be happy to offer this App to your growers. Please download this app check its usability and share it among the growers for minimizing resampling costs and keeping tab on Food safety regulations of GlobalGAP. This app is freely available on Google play store.

Grow safe. Harvest Safe. Chemical residue on fresh produce is growing concern around the globe. FarmERP Lite app helps growers to take smart decisions related to residue free produce, Pre-Harvest Interval, Maximum Residue Limit etc Safe to Harvest’ feature in this app, provides recommendation on when your plot is ready for harvest in view of sprayed chemicals and PHI. Safe to Spray’ feature in this app provides recommendation on which chemicals are safe to spray in view of proposed harvesting date.

2017 saw an improved technical capability of FarmERP through a newly launched ‘Internet of Agriculture Things (IoAT) module, where users can access data from farm equipment’s from both web and mobile application. Equipment users are going to hear more often from their equipment’s now, as they will be checking in to tell what is current Ignition status, where they are, what is the speed, what fuel level they have and what is the engine temperature.

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