February 2018


FarmERP Highlights.

How 10000 Ha multi-cropping corporate farm from Azerbaijan improved bottom line using FarmERP ?

Our client has a large agricultural complex, covering the whole process from food to farm to food. Sowing is carried out by the Company over ten thousand hectares. This is one of the biggest agricultural projects implemented in Azerbaijan. Here is the sowing of soy, tomato, barley, wheat, green peas, corn, sunflower, cucumber, eggplant, pepper, patisson and other vegetables based on the Global GAP certificate. Vegetables and melons are also planted in fields. More than 400,000 pomegranates have been planted in the area. The established organic fertilizer plant here makes a special contribution to the increase of soil fertility. Fruit and vegetables are processed at a canning plant located within the complex

Spread over 10000 Ha farm, and running its time critical operations is a real challenge. Production team had major concerns in managing seasonal agronomic practices and planning.

“We are practicing pivot based farming. Planning and execution of activities was a big challenge for our mix cropping pattern and satisfying market demand.”

Head - Agribusiness

Arriving at per unit cost of production and optimizing it is a key to improving bottom line.

Team of FarmERP experts visited farms and studied current business processes. A detailed business blueprinting was done and a list pain areas and probable solutions were shared.

To provide a comprehensive solution over single platform, FarmERP was integrated with client’s legacy Accounting ERP System – UNITY. Customizations of certain services were realized and data migration was done. Crop planning, crop schedules were prepared. Farm Supervisors were trained to capture all production data over mobile client application. This helped them gain control over production activities in real time.

“Real time resource estimation is possible with FarmERP” - Farm Director.

Through FarmERP mobile app, inventory movement was captured. Further FarmERP helped optimize harvest to post harvest process, thus reducing post-harvest losses.

Agribusiness head conveyed, “FarmERP solution which is made available in local language made it easy for our employees to get technically adopt to SMART farming ways”.

“Apart from savings in inventory costs, we could also reduce our post-harvest losses. FarmERP solution has offered us a complete control over business processes and crucial data.”

The company could save up to 3% of its huge inventory costs, because of accurate tracking of items. Per unit cost of production can be accurately calculated, which helped management to decide sales price and improve on the overall profitability.

Point of Sale for fresh fruits and vegetables

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