March 2017


FarmERP Highlights March' 17

New Service release


New Product Release

Lighter version of FarmERP for small sized individual growers


FarmERP Features GIS

    Farm, crop, farmer Geomapping
    Activity schedule planning
    Location analytics
    Crop details
    Contract details

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February 2017 Newsletter


Success Stories

Integration and boost to farm management by FarmERP
This esteemed client has been the first private company in Azerbaijan's food industry to incorporate several enterprises under its control pioneering the concept of a group of companies in the country. This company is poised for leadership in the production of food products across Iraq, the Middle East and the CIS countries. The client and its subsidiaries hold certificates of the International Organization of Standardization ISO 9000 and continue to live up to the people's trust and expectations offering the best quality products and services in the market.
This company has farm land area spread over 6000+ hectares, and running its vegetables and fruit growing operations. It had major concerns in managing seasonal production practices and production planning.

“We are practicing pivot based farming. Planning and execution of activities was a big challenge for our mix cropping pattern and satisfying market demand.”

- Project Co-coordinator

Inventory management across multiple geographic locations and higher post-harvest losses were additional issues.  

GIS in FarmERP


FarmERP & GIS (Geographic Information System)

A geographic information system (GIS) is a computer system for capturing, storing, checking, and displaying data related to positions on Earth’s surface. GIS can show many kinds of data on one map. This enables people to more easily see, analyse, and understand patterns and relationships.
GIS based solutions for agriculture has massive potential. Solutions cover areas such as agricultural planning, managing crop production and increasing yields in accordance with other technologies. FarmERP uses all advanced features of GIS which enable users to view , control and analyze business information over maps. Monitoring and managing accurate information leads to better decision making. GIS helps in monitoring soil maps, crop assessment and crop health combined with historical farming practices.
FarmERP GIS will allow user to map his/her farm, site and crops along with geotagged trees. Users can view and analyze in form of layers like Farm, Crop, Farmers and Contract details and location based analytics.

How FarmERP GIS will help your business lead?
  • Operational visibility over maps
  • Better and faster decision making
  • Location based analytics
  • Farm, crop, farmers geo-mapping
  • Planning
  • Productivity improvement