June 2017


FarmERP Highlights June 2017

Crop wise Budgeting with Profit & Loss Highlights
     Top to Bottom & Vice versa
         approach for production planning.

     Budgeted v/s Actual reports
     Determines the ratio between net
         profit to operating expenses.

     Controls indirect expenses.

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May 2017 Newsletter


Success Stories

India’s largest sandalwood plantation company
relies on FarmERP

The client forayed into Agro-Forestry business in the year 2006. The company acquires waste lands/semi-arid/fallow lands to raise plantations using modern technology. The yield is primarily used to meet the company's captive requirements of ingredients in food products.

The Company has successfully regenerated one of the endangered forest species, 'Sandalwood' and has established the largest Sandalwood plantation as an Agro-forestry model.

The total cultivated area is of over 1200 acres.
The client is the first to cultivate this crop successfully in the non-conventional regions. Their teams were using Excel sheets and manual means to record and analyse data generated over farms.

A legacy Oracle based software solution with custom modifications was taking care of accounting and inventory operations at central location. But unavailability of software platform to record business operations and on site current inventory positions was leading to unplanned and inaccurate decisions. All the farm locations were at remote locations with unstable internet connectivity.

“A home-grown system became vulnerable and was rigid which was ultimately impacting daily operations and business decisions”

They had major concerns in managing the Tree inventory of their main crop and inter crops and tree valuations across all the four locations. Recording and maintaining mortality and observations of main and host crops was very cumbersome.  

Focus Area – Integration


FarmERP Focus Area – Integration

FarmERP has strong integration capabilities. It can be seamlessly integrated with legacy software systems and hardware devices. In some cases where replacing entire legacy software system by FarmERP is not a solution, we offer integration services. For a company which is a group company and does not want to discontinue existing accounting and costing software system being used for entire business group, we propose integration. We make FarmERP and their legacy system to communicate to each other and avoid duplicate data entry.

FarmERP has been integrated with different Software systems and smart hardware devices. Legacy software / ERP systems like SAP, Oracle, MS Dynamics, NETSIS, UNITY etc. are some of the examples. Whereas hardware devices may include IoT devices, Precision Farming tools, Robotics, weighing scale, Biometric devices, Bar Code scanner, Printers, weather stations, automatic irrigation systems etc.

How Integration in FarmERP will help?
  • The flow of information is simplified and creates a single point of access to data for the people who need it.
  • It eliminates excessive data entry and duplications of entries.
  • It simplifies the business process enforcing better functionality combining information and functionality of several applications into a single, easy-to-use interface.
  • It enables organization with ease in communication, reduces time on effort, improved functionality, better control leading to increased efficiency of the organization.