July 2017


FarmERP Highlights July 2017

Inventory management in FarmERP
     Store wise, site wise, batch
          wise inventory management.

     Current Stock Information.
     Goods Receive, Issue,Transfer
          and Goods Discard details.

     Physical inventory details
     Machine Inspection
     Alerts and Notification for the
         stock updates

     Easy and Smart Access to the


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June 2017 Newsletter


Success Stories

Organization working with 150,000 cotton farmers
to improve cotton supply chain trusts us

Our client is on a mission to transform the cotton industry for good. The organization is working with brands and retailers to enable them to develop a more robust and resilient cotton supply chain and establish a traceability for better cotton.
The traceability of cotton, starting from the farmers, through many different processors to the brand and retailers is a biggest challenge keeping in mind complex Cotton to Garment supply chain.
After analysing the challenge, we designed a solution keeping FarmERP at core as a smart ERP platform where client will be able to connect brands and retailers to the farmer. This system keeps track of every single transaction of cotton moving through entire supply chain. Entire chain comprising of Farmer-Ginner-Spinner-Weaver-Dyer-Garment is mapped in FarmERP and every transaction is captured in detail.

“Tracebale system helped us to achieve our goals by bringing all the different stake holders on same platform and establish Traceability”
–Regional Director, South Asia

Android Mobile application is used to collect the information at farmer level located at remote areas and synchronize all the data to centralized server.


Inventory Management in FarmERP


Inventory Management in FarmERP

Without a doubt, best inventory management practises play important part in saving costs for any business. Typically, an inventory system combines software and mobile devices to streamline the tracking of inventory (e.g. inputs, consumables, seedlings, finished goods, SKUs, supplies, etc.) as product flows through a warehouse and production environment.

FarmERP has strong inventory module which is designed to understand current inventory levels and minimize understock and overstock situations. FarmERP helps in efficient tracking of item quantities across different store locations and which leads to smarter inventory decisions. FarmERP inventory module provides the necessary information both for the store keeper to perform daily tasks and management to have financial insight. Goods receive, Goods issue, Goods transfer, Goods discard, Material Indent are some of the important features of Inventory module. Current stock features shows site wise, store wise, batch wise and user wise stock positions. Reorder levels and about to expire stock can be marked in form of alerts.

Inventory dashboard provides real-time stock position enabling faster decision making.
  • Inventory costs optimization by using reorder levels
  • Better order and supply management
  • Physical stock verification
  • Improved items and expiry tracking
  • Item wise Stock card and movement report
  • Stock valuation reports