February 2017


FarmERP Highlights

FarmERP - Tried and tested software platform for farming, contract farming and biotech companies.
FarmERP - Ensures traceability as it covers entire value chain from Farm to Fork .
FarmERP - Seamless integration with legacy software systems like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics ERP etc.

FarmERP Features

FarmERP Analytics

    Productivity Analytics
    Labor Analytics
    Machinery Analytics
    Yield Estimation
    NPK Usage
    Fertilizer Usage
    Agro Chemical Usage

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January 2017 Newsletter


Success Stories

Know how Oman based farming enterprise increased
its profitability using FarmERP
Our esteemed client is Oman’s first commercial farming enterprise. They majorly focus on cultivating vegetables & dates, pack house and cold chain management. Having around 1400 acres of cultivated area, spread over 6 locations they hold reputation of producing excellent quality tomatoes, sweet melons, watermelons, color bell peppers, beans, carrots, cabbage, and lettuce along with dates, mangoes and other citrus fruits. The client specifically takes pride in successful cultivation of lilies in Oman.
With over 1400 acres of land, across 6 locations, this company struggled in exercising control over farms spread across these multiple locations. This resulted in decreased yield and a decline in revenue. Moreover, optimum utilization of human resources across different locations was an
arduous task .  

IoT in Agriculture


Major focus of FarmERP is IOT - Internet Of Things.

1. IOT - Internet Of Things is specialized here as IOAT - Internet Of Agricultural

2.Integrating smart devices and sensors with FarmERP for synchronization
   and collaboration of on farm data.

3. Use FarmERP-IOAT for on farm smart decisions

The Internet of things (Internet of Things or IoT) is the internetworking of physical devices, vehicles (also referred to as "connected devices" and "smart devices"), buildings, and other items—embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity that enable these objects to collect and exchange data. IOT with FarmERP becomes a specialized term as IOAT - Internet Of Agricultural Things. IOAT enabled over FarmERP platform, lead to Smart agriculture where multifunctional electronic devices, sensors, systems which are installed over farm and farm machinery. FarmERP provides seamless integration with Automated weather station, all types of sensors, automated irrigation systems, telematics devices for farm machinery, biometric devices etc. This enables users to do quick analysis and take smart on the fly decisions for better farm management. FramERP precisely helps in Remote crop and equipment monitoring, sensor based farm and plot mapping. Please get in touch with FarmERP functional consultant to more about how to make your farm smart with FarmERP.