August 2017


FarmERP Highlights August 2017

Features of FarmERP Biotech
      Mother plant stock
      Sterilization & Autoclave details
      Media Preparation
      Plant Inoculation details
      Plant Growth Room Details
      Culture Observations Report
              Growth stage wise details

      Production Planning & Scheduling
      Contamination analysis
      Operator performance

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July 2017 Newsletter


Success Stories

South Africa's most advanced Plant Tissue
Culture Laboratory deploys FarmERP

Our client is based in South Africa who supplies high quality disease-free, true-to-type young plants through tissue culture under sterile conditions. They have a highly sophisticated and ultra-modern 5300 m2 plant tissue culture laboratory and hardening facility.
With highly sophisticated area, lab users were struggling in tracing the origin of the product. Users were unable to trace the batches due to the large number of production on daily bases. The client comprises a tissue culture laboratory, hardening facility and a dispatch area. The laboratory consists of a large cleanroom, with three individually insulated transfer rooms and three individually climate-controlled grow rooms; as well as a medium preparation area and washing facilities which made the Traceability a must-have feature.
We focused on establishing centralized control over multiple faces of operations in various stages. FarmERP implementation enhanced productivity and efficiency of the client’s operations. The production and planning module and its varied features, curtailed the contamination thereby controlling the quality of cultivars by 15%. Thus, ensuring quality sales of products based on the presales plan. The planning module was implemented to record all the presales requirements which helped the client to plan all the resources smoothly and lead to minimum requirement of on-the spot resource and saleable products.

FarmERP helped the client to monitor the contaminations observed. Also, facility to manage the discard of plants and revert the containers to the inventory.


Farm advisory using FarmERP platform


Farm advisory using FarmERP platform

Worldwide, farming is being challenged due to factors like adverse weather conditions, unscientific management practices and most importantly speculative nature of farming. Just in time advice is the key to overcome these situations. FarmERP smart agriculture platform is capable of providing farm crop advisory to growers based on the climatic conditions for various crops. This advisory can be customised as per the requirement. This platform offers a scalable and robust digital framework which has capability to handle push and pull data for millions of growers simultaneously. Crop water requirement, nutrient requirement, pest and disease advisory can be presented to multiple growers.

The advice is comprehensive, complete and regular in terms of observations, analysis, advice delivery, follow-up and feedback. The system provides strong database to support decision making which will help growers to increase the productivity and the profits. It reduces the time-gap between communication and implementation. It helps growers to gain more profits by optimising the resources like fertilizers and pesticide sprays, and getting the additional yield.

  • Scalable and robust platform
  • Can handle communication for millions of growers
  • Easy and on the go communication
  • Real-time advisory
  • Improved productivity and profitability
  • Resource optimisation