April 2017


FarmERP Highlights April 2017


Happy to announce that this month we have added an esteemed client involved in innovative organic farming and supply chain concept along with other farms


New Product Release

for Agri-Consultants


Highlights of FarmERP Mobility

    User friendly app
    Alerts and Notification
    News Feeds
    Weather report
    On-field advisory
    Offline record keeping
   Easy and Smart access to the


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March 2017 Newsletter


Success Stories

India’s largest sandalwood plantation company relies
on FarmERP

The client forayed into Agro-Forestry business in the year 2006. The company acquires waste lands/semi-arid/fallow lands to raise plantations using modern technology. The yield is primarily used to meet the company's captive requirements of ingredients in food products.

The Company has successfully regenerated one of the endangered forest species, 'Sandalwood' in Central India and has established the largest Sandalwood plantation as an Agro-forestry model in India.

The total cultivated area is of over 1200 acres on four different locations in Madhya Pradesh in India.  
The client is the first to cultivate this crop successfully in the non-conventional regions of Madhya Pradesh. Their teams were using Excel sheets and manual means to record data generated over farms.

“A home-grown system became vulnerable and was rigid which was ultimately impacting daily operations and business decisions”

A software system with offline data recording was essential for the client. Further to it this new software system needed to be integrated with their legacy system.  

Focus Area – Mobility


FarmERP Focus Area – Mobility

Mobility is about redefining the rules of real time user experience anytime, anywhere and it is now a necessity for future-ready, borderless global enterprise. Collaboration, Connectivity and Communication are need of the hour for seamless business operations, which can be well achieved through it. It has quickly become the world’s most common way of transmitting voice, data, and services in the developing world. Given this dramatic change, businesses across industries have begun to explore how they can capitalize on the mobile channel to deliver information and services to customers in more personalized and cost effective ways.

Agribusiness processes centred on mobility involving cloud & analytics as emerging technologies, is what FarmERP aims at. It offers a context-driven, location-aware data for intelligence and reporting mobile platform. Mobile technology is increasingly becoming a hot favourite for anyone and everyone involved with farming. Mobility in FarmERP helps to stay connected with the farm - with a flawless synchronization amongst on-site operations and the management. The proactive use of this technology has enabled individual farmers worldwide to not only procure information on production, as well as the weather, but also maximize production, and reduce dependencies. It helps for better crop management to achieve higher productivity, profitability and sustainability.

How Mobility in FarmERP will help your business lead?
  • On field data capture removes data redundancy
  • Faster communication & decision making
  • On the go connectivity
  • Better Crop Management
  • Operational control over field staff
  • Increased productivity and profits